The Government Administers Scaffolding Industry

Since July 2002, Hangzhou, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province continuously happened three serious accidents of major casualties caused due to the use of low-quality steel scaffolds and fasteners construction formwork collapse. And the State Council leaders care about this very seriously. Premier Wen Jiabao's instructions "The key to strictly enforce the law, be held responsible for the accident liability, to block the production of poor-quality building materials distribution channels from the source, and to carry out a special work". And according to the instructions of the ministries leadership of the State Council, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued jointly on September 18, 2003 "to carry out the notice of the special work of the building materials market.

The Goal of Special Punishment of Scaffoldings Industry

The special remediation goal of scaffolding formwork industry have the followings: the poor quality of construction of the production, sale, lease and use the wide range of large steel pipes, the situation has markedly reverse the fastener; irregularities in the production, leasing activities and various fraud effective governance; prevent the poor quality steel, fasteners from coming into the construction site of the regulatory measures are effectively implemented, initially established the mechanism to prevent low-quality steel pipes, fasteners to come into the construction site; construction steel, fasteners, special work to achieve substantive strengthen the legal system on the basis of the results, it gradually incorporated into the regulatory orbit of legalization. We believe that the construction with steel pipes, fasteners special rectification is necessary. However, we also believe that this work will be able to complete the remediation goals not once, but it takes time. And the fact is that, eight years later, these goals are not achieved.

Difficult Work in Special Rectification of Steel Scaffold

In the past eight years, the fastener steel scaffolding poleremediation work got of little progress. The renovation work is very difficult mainly due to the use of construction steel, fasteners quantity is great. In the early 1960s, China began to use steel scaffoldings, and there is a wide range of applications. To the 1980s, it accounted for more than 60%. This scaffolding has become the leading and mainstream scaffolding. From the 1980s to the present, it experienced about three years, and now there are more than about 10 million tons of these fastener scaffoldings in the whole country, and about more than 1.2 billion fastener. However, due to the continuous development of the scale of building structures and construction engineering, construction technology, construction quality and duration requirements increasingly high, the scaffolding has been unable to meet the development needs of the construction, and safety incidents is also increasing. is a leading scaffolding manufacturer specialized in the manufacturing and marketing of various scaffoldings such as scaffolding towers, scaffolding planks, formwork, scaffolding frame, scaffolding prop, mobile scaffolding, etc. If you are interested in our products, welcome to visit our website!

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What is a Mobile Scaffold?

Mobile scaffolding refers to the various erection brackets on the construction site for workers to operate the vertical and horizontal transport. It is a generic term of the construction industry, refers to the formwork used on the construction site in the exterior wall, interior or higher storey and the place that is unable to do the direct construction. Mainly it is convenient for the construction workers to easily up and down to work or perimeter security network maintenance and high-altitude mounting member, simply put that is to put on airs, scaffolding making materials are usually: bamboo, wood, steel or synthetic materials. Some workers use scaffolding tower when the template is used, in addition to widely used in the advertising industry, municipal, transportation, roads and bridges, mining and other sectors.

Development Course of Mobile Scaffold

Mobile scaffolding formwork, as the basis of building facility, is widely used in a variety of large and small construction sites. And it plays a great supporting role. The course of its development is quite long, nearly being the final perfect from the imperfect start step by step, and after a long process. Mobile scaffolding is first successfully developed by the United States, Europe, Japan and other countries began to develop and use the scaffolding early in 1960s. It has the features of simple assembly and disassembly, good bearing performance, the use of safe and reliable, the fast development of mobile scaffolding in a variety of new scaffoldings, it is the developed earliest and the largest usage in Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries, its use accounts for about 50% of the various types of scaffolding. China from the late 1970s has imported from Japan. The United States, the United Kingdom and other countries and also introduce this scaffolding.

The Major Parts of Mobile Scaffolding Poles

The mobile scaffolding is composed of main box, cross box, cross bracing, scaffold boards and adjustable stand. The cross-bracing is also known as helical rod, and mobile scaffolding is a vertical cross-type rod connecting two masts. At the both ends of the rod, there are pin holes, when assembly, lock with the lock pin firmly on the mast pole. Surface treatment: electroplating (cold galvanizing), dip zinc (hot dip galvanized) Caster is also known as ground round, and it can be installed in the lower part of the mobile scaffold composed of mobile scaffolding. It is available as mechanical and electrical installation. is a leading company specialized in the manufacturing and marketing of scaffolding towers, scaffolding planks, formwork, scaffolding frame, scaffolding prop, mobile scaffolding, etc. Welcome to have a visit to our page!

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Glass deep processing is increasingly developed
With the increasing of the social progress and people's living standards, people are no longer satisfied with the use of ordinary glass, glass deep processing is increasingly developed. The glass secondary products that is the deep processing glass is the glass product with specific function using the one time forming flat glass (float glass, ordinary cited flat glass, the flat pull glass, rolled glass) as the basic raw material, made by different process according to the different requirements. Common laminated glass panels product material is the float glass.

Features of laminated glass
The laminated safety glass is two or more layers of glass is sandwiched with the plastic material intermediate film, polyvinyl butyral panel (PVB), polycarbonate panel, polyurethane panels, acrylate plate and other plastic materials, made by the high temperature and high pressure processing. Commonly used laminated glass products intermediate material is polyvinyl butyral (PVB) film. Laminated glass is an excellent safety glass, which is firmly bonded together by two or more sheets of glass using an adhesive material. It has transparent, high mechanical strength, heat resistant, cold resistant, sound insulation and anti-UV performance. The glass and adhesive material combination ensures the laminated glass to have good resistance to impact and safety performance at crushing. When laminated glass is impacted and broken, the fragments will be stuck by the adhesive material, just forms cracks but not easy wounding, which also maintains the original shape and visibility. Due to the above-mentioned advantages, laminated glass has been widely used in the construction, automotive, ship-to-ship, aircraft.

How do consumers to buy high-quality laminated security glass? Professionals give the following suggestions:
1. See signs and check the certificate. Buy regular factory products with 3C certification mark. Since the state carried out product certification of safety glass in 2003, laminated glass production enterprises are compulsory to carry out product certification, companies must silk screen or paste 3C logo in the body of the product for sale, or add 3C logo at the minimum outer packaging and the accompanying documentation (such as certificate of competency ). When purchasing architectural glass panels products, you should first see if there is 3C sign, and view whether the products purchased are within the mandatory certification capabilities of the enterprise through the network based on enterprise information, the number of the factory or product certification and whether the certificate is valid.
2. Look at the appearance and check quality. The appearance of the product quality, laminated glass should not rip or unglued; intermediate layer should have no wrinkles and stripes; explosive edge length or width should not exceed the thickness of the glass; scratches and rubs should not affect the use; intermediate layer bubbles, impurities, scratches and linear defects should not affect the use.
3. Laminated glass should avoid heat exposure, humidity and rain, climate and environment before installation and use, which should be stored in ventilated, dry place to prevent the seepage of laminated glass edge.
4. During use process, you should avoid external shocks, especially to avoid the glass edge and corner impacted by external shocks. When cleaning laminated glass, be careful not to scratch, scrape or rub the surface of the glass, so as not to affect the appearance. is a modern enterprise which is professional on high-class glass processing. Our main products are: Low-e Insulating Energy-Saving Glass. Tempered Glass,Laminated Glass. Insulating Glass(IGU). Furniture Glass, Decorative Glass, Bent Tempered Glass, etc.
Bend tempered glass heating
Bend tempered glass is safety glass. Tempered glass is one kind of prestressed glasses, and toughened glass strength, usually using chemical or physical methods on the glass surface compressive stress, glass under external force first offset surface stress, thereby improving the bearing capacity of reinforced glass itself, wind resistance, temperature, shock resistance etc..Tempered glass main has two advantages: first is the strength is common glass is improved by multiple times, the bending strength is 3~5 times of ordinary glass, impact strength is 5~10 times of ordinary glass, improve the strength but also improves safety. Second is the use of safety, increase of bearing capacity. Bending tempered glass is the bend tempered glass heating and quenching treatment, so that the glass surface strength increases exponentially with the high strength glass. The characteristics of safety, impact strength, thermal stability, wind pressure resistant strength. Application of curved toughened glass for arc shaped glass curtain wall, ceiling lighting, sightseeing elevator.

General curved tempered glass
General curved tempered glass to cut into the required size, and then heated to the softening point of about 700 degrees, then the rapid and uniform cooling and get (usually 5-6MM glass in 700 degree heat heating for about 240 seconds, 150 seconds cooling.8-10MM glass in 700 degree heat heating for about 500 seconds, 300 seconds cooling. In conclusion, according to the different choice of curved tempered glass thickness, heating and cooling time are different).Then tempering glass surface to form a uniform compressive stress, while the internal tensile stress in the glass forming, flexural and impact strength can be improved, its strength is approximately four times more than ordinary annealed glass. Has steel processing good tempered glass, cannot make any processing or damaged, or it will be smashed to pieces "".

The Strength of glass
Strength than ordinary glass raise several times, bending. The use of safety, increase of bearing capacity improves fragile nature, even broken tempered glass will not have acute angle small debris, and it does harm to human body is greatly decreased. The tempered glass heat shock resistance properties than common glass 3~5 times increase, the general can withstand 250 degrees above the temperature changes, to prevent thermal explosion and has obvious effect. It is a kind of safety glass. For the protection of high-rise building with qualified material safety guarantee. is a modern enterprise which is professional on high-class glass processing. They process great advantages of convenient waterway, overland and aerial transportation.

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9, 30, the MIIT announced over the complete elimination of backward production capacity list last time, and now the deadline has passed, indeed a number of provinces and cities even shut down backward production capacity throughout the year announced that it has completed Announced tasks. As the iron and steel industry, eliminate backward production capacity of one of the important industry, many enterprises shut down backward production capacity, "quietly" building greater capacity, "TM", "small change" under the iron and steel The total production capacity is still expanding.

In August, the Ministry of Industry has announced a 2087 involving 18 industries and eliminate backward production capacity list of enterprises, backward production can be included in the list of enterprises to be shut down before the end of September.

In this list, you need to be eliminated before the end of September, about 30 million tons of steel in the backward production capacity, the majority of construction steel, and most of the private steel enterprises blast furnace or converter. But as of now, there are a number of provinces and cities announced that it has completed the phased elimination of backward production capacity task.

Such as iron and steel production in China's largest province, Hebei Province, there are 34 enterprises iron and steel making capacity has been listed explicitly shut down. September 28, Hebei Iron and Steel Group, Handan Iron and Steel three 25 tons of steel converter and all the supporting equipment Blasting Demolition, Hebei Province announced the elimination of 163 companies in the list of backward production capacity of enterprises is included in the Ministry of Industry and completed ahead of schedule the phase-out, including iron production capacity of 10 million tons, steel production capacity of 2 million tons.

In addition, several provinces, including Shandong Province and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, including also announced the completion of the task of eliminating backward production capacity this year before the National Day. Some provinces can be included in the phase-out range backward production owned enterprises, and proposed measures to revoke the production license, permit and stop power supply to ensure that the deadline for elimination; Some also introduced a differential pricing to improve sewage charges and punishment standards and other measures to squeeze the living space of the backward production capacity.

Glass Index Analysis

On December 24, "China Glass Composite Index is 1034.40 points, rose 1.39 points than the day before yesterday. The glass price index rose 0.83 points to 1004.52 points on December 24, compared with the day before yesterday. "Chinese glass market confidence index rose 3.64 points to 1153.93 points, compared with the day before yesterday. And the index shows that the glass spot market confidence got fast recovery, slow recovery in prices, but in general, the market gets warmer obvious signs.

Glass Spot Goods Situation

On December 21, East monthly meeting was held in Ningbo, the meeting urged all enterprises depending on their prices up 1 RMB / weight box, this practice reflects the side reaction of spot goods businessmen of pressure status, but the large architectural glass panels industry is not an oligopolistic industry, the spot market price had to be decided by the market. The national average price last week did not change, the prices of the various regions have slight ups and downs, changed in -1-3 RMB / ton, and the northern region fell, the southeast coastal areas rose. The upstream cost is somewhat loose, the soda ash prices remained lower level in the whole year. In the traditional off-season, the northern glass market pressure is still large, the market sentiment is mainly the traditional waiting type, and some enterprises continue to explore new sales models, East China and South China market performed better.

Glass Demand Situation

The December 21 data shows that the positive stimulus of consumption and macro expected by the end of centralized, real estate market continued to pick up, commercial housing sales continued to rise. National car sales also picked up influenced by price heavy purchase and seasonal factors, although a certain decline from last month accordingly, but the growth rate of the glass industry still maintained a high level. But the insulating glass exports are still not improved and still maintain down. It is expected to still to be not many changes in the short term.

Glass Future Goods Situation

On December 24, the glass main futures contract FG1305 opened at 1336 RMB / ton and closed at 1,344 RMB / ton, up to 1349 RMB / ton, the lowest 1334 RMB / ton, up 0.37% throughout the day, the morning session is opened low and rise well, the afternoon session has larger rise, and four percent less volume than the previous day's, increase of 456 hand positions, speculative funds are slightly cautious due to circumvent festival risk.

Glass Market Summary

Last week, the industry data showed, the glass spot downstream demand continues to pick up, and gradually restore confidence in the market, prices stabilize. By troubled by problems of seasonal sales, in parts production enterprises consider monopoly price to the market into the tonic, the side reaction of the spot market pressure remains high, the steady rise in the short term remains to be picked up in demand. Glass futures the FG1305 contracts in the upstream channel, by speculative funds to circumvent and influenced by the weekend ris, the price fell slightly on Friday. is a modern enterprise which is professional on high-class glass processing. Our main products are: Low-e Insulating Energy-Saving Glass, Tempered Glass, Laminated Glass, Insulating Glass (IGU), Furniture Glass, Decorative Glass and Bent Tempered Glass etc. Welcome to visit our website!

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Architectural aluminum companies feel the pressure brought by the domestic and foreign markets

In the face of difficulties, architectural aluminum companies continue to seek road suitable for their development, expansion of the scale is replaced by industrial upgrading, market segmentation. "The greater enterprise, more production lines, the greater the difficulties faced", "half of the production line in the larger architectural aluminum companies turns overhaul", "the architectural aluminum business is getting harder and harder”…In face of the current downturn in the real estate market environment, many aluminium profile enterprises in Foshan based on architectural aluminum production feel the pressure brought by the domestic and foreign markets.

   Whether architectural aluminum extrusion industrial upgradingv The companies that previously simply engaged in architectural aluminum extrusion begin an extension of industrial chain, including mold development, casting, surface treatment aluminum production line, but also deep-processing, manufacturing the finished doors, finished window, sun room products. What is more, it also extends to the transportation, machinery, LED lighting and other industrial materials processing. Architectural aluminum company diversified industrial upgrading is expedient or long-term plan? After industrial upgrading, can they successfully seize finished doors and windows market? Everything needs the test of time.

Architectural aluminum business owners have begun to consider the diversified business
As the architectural aluminum industry is labor-intensive industry, and its profit margins shrink, the pressure will increase if the enterprises do not have orders. Under the impact of the real estate market downturn, "How do the enterprises to breakthrough? How to maintain its vigor?" has been the problem thinking by each business. In response to the market, business owners have begun to consider the diversified business, in the basis of aluminum extrusion profile processing, gradually extending to production traffic, photovoltaic and other industrial materials and finished doors, finished windows, sun room, door and window systems and other deep-processed products.

Big challenge of aluminum profile companies
In the deep processing of aluminum production enterprises steering to aluminum door, aluminum windows, sun room, door and window systems, capital and technology is not the biggest problem, but the mentality and concepts, especially some large architectural aluminum production enterprises. Aluminum doors and windows are significantly better than the architectural aluminum companies in the channel layout. Because aluminum doors and windows are non-standard products, which are multi- based on dealers in the sales process, so aluminum doors and windows enterprises are easier for consumer to be accepted and recognized than aluminum producers. If the architectural aluminum deep-processing enterprises turn into manufacturing finished doors and windows, the customer groups will be dealers that they are not concerned about originally (relative to aluminum dealers, distributors of finished aluminum doors and windows are too small). How do aluminum companies to shift in mind from "do not care" to “sincere service" after the production of finished doors and windows is a big challenge. is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in aluminium profile in Mainland China. It is a famous and large-scaled enterprise specialized in production of aluminium profiles for both architecture and industry. This article come from:
Industrial aluminum profile
Most of domestic wheels are cast aluminum alloy forged wheels, but there are also parts of liquid forged aluminum hub are limited to the manufacturing process and cost reasons, and the lowest price is about 1000 yuan, so the aluminum content largely around the wheel strength. Generally speaking, the heavier the strength of wheel hub is greater (Inferior hub in the manufacturing process) Hand percussion hub side wall, carefully taste the hub echo: good manufacturing aluminum of aluminum alloy forging hub is more dense (among other metal impurities less content), thus knocking echo is more clear. This is the industrial aluminum profile. If the liquid last from a few seconds. If after knocking found echo bored or almost no reply, we advise you to give up the money wheel.(cause: the inferior aluminum cast wheel hub in struck not only sound is muffled, and almost no echo.)If the hub surface without paint, electroplating and other processing of words, but also by the intuitive sense of hub material quality -- hub material better pure (used in the manufacture of aluminum, with relatively low impurity content), its product corresponding to the gloss is bright, clear. Conversely, the color is more gloomy means the forging of aluminum alloy wheel hub material worse.

Aluminum alloy doors and windows materials
Aluminum alloy doors and windows materials not only look at the surface, and Al content, if uneven, whether there is a variegated, finished product is good, material thickness, type of window design meets some place windy rain requirements, shop on your late services etc..You have high quality course line, good quality and price line of three lines or four line's selection. They explore the next market.
Aluminium profile
Aluminum material to the substrate as the anode in the electrolyte, electrolysis, artificially formed on a surface of a substrate with a layer of protective film formed thereby oxidation of aluminum. This is the aluminium profile. The aluminum with strong abrasion resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance is oxidation. It can be formed on a surface of a substrate a variety of colors, the maximum for your requirements. Its hardness, suitable for all kinds of buildings, industrial production is expected. If you are doing a house with the words, brand is not bad, selected aluminum mainly to see its wall thickness deviation of unbiased, surface smoothness to. is a professional supplier to develop high quality aluminum products. Welcome to contact us for detail information about aluminum products. Our engineering personnel and technicians are rich in experience of design, development and manufacture of aluminum products.

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New development trends of China's aluminum profile

China's aluminum industry has entered a new stage and show a lot of new development trends. First, because in terms of the products of other industries, its degree of difference in the aluminum industry is relatively smaller, the cost competition is still the key factor for market competition in the future. Second, the expansion of large-scale trends and industry vertical integration trend of the manufacturers accelerate noticeably, and a small number of fast-growing high-quality companies will increasingly become a dominant force in future market competition. Third, enterprise competitiveness oriented with scale, technology, brand management, and service is increasingly important and the economically developed areas will continue to maintain a large and active consumer demand for industrial aluminum profile in favor of the further development and growth in the dominant enterprises located in such areas.

Four features for the aluminum processing country

China is the large country for aluminium profile, especially the processing of architectural aluminum, and the needs of the entire construction market for aluminum are increasing every year, and those medium-sized aluminum production enterprises are biggest gains in the market. In the next period of time, China's aluminum enterprises, especially the development of those small aluminum enterprises could be hampered, collapse or mergers and acquisitions of large and medium-sized enterprises will be inevitable. In the future, domestic aluminum processing market competition will present four characteristics:

First: compared to other industries, there are the small differences in the degree of the product of the aluminum industry, so the main market competition in the aluminum industry will be the cost competition in the future. Second: the trend of large-scale expansion of the aluminum manufacturers and industry vertical integration trend have accelerated markedly, part of the high-quality companies with the rapid growth will become the leading force of the market competition. Third, the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises with the growing scale, aluminum processing technology, brand management, and service will be stronger.
Fourth: the pace of China's aluminum enterprises to enter the international market will be further accelerated, especially in some coastal areas part. Large enterprises with better international marketing based aluminum exports will be expected to be equipped with the rapid growth. We can see that the development trend in China's aluminum profile will be more promising in the next ten year, so we have to seize the opportunity to promote the industry. which formerly known as Guangdong Xingfa Aluminium Profile Factory, was established in 1984. As one of the earliest enterprises engaged in aluminium profile in Mainland China, the Company has become a famous and large-scaled enterprise specialized in production of aluminium profiles for both architecture and industry, with its yearly capacity of 150,000 tons.
The performance of PVC board

General performance PVC resin is a white or pale yellow powder, and its relative density is 1.35-1.45. The hardness of the products can be adjusted by adding the number of copies of the plasticizer. The water absorption and breathability of the pure pvc foam board are poor.

Mechanical properties of PVC board
PVC has high hardness and mechanical properties, and increases with the molecular weight, but decreases with the increasing temperature. The mechanical properties of rigid PVC is excellent, the elastic modulus is up to 1500-3,000MPa, while the elasticity of soft PVC is 1.5-15MPa. However, the elongation at break up is to 200% -450%. The friction of PVC is not so good. The static friction factor is 0.4-0.5, and the dynamic friction factor is 0.23.

Thermal Properties
The heat stability of PVC is very poor, it starts to decompose at 140 ℃, and its melting temperature is 160 ° C. The coefficient of linear expansion of the PVC is small with the flame resistance, and the oxidation index is up to 45 or more.

Electrical properties
PVC is a polymer with the better electrical properties, but due to the polar itself, the electrically insulating is worse than PP and PE. Dielectric constant and dielectric loss tangent value and volume resistivity is large, and corona resistance is bad, generally is suitable for medium and low voltage and low frequency insulation materials.

Environmental performance
PVC trim board is resistant to most inorganic acids, alkalis, salts and most organic solvents. It is suitable for pharmaceutical and chemical anti-corrosion materials.
Advantages of PVC board
First of all, this is a completely waterproof material, because it is plastic, it is widely used in the place of the outside balcony, Plank Road, a swimming pool, lake, beach, ship deck and so on. Secondly, this is a completely anti-termite, anti-moth-eaten material, because it does not contain fibrin. Third, this is a material with good performance of a flame retardant. We have done experiments in the natural environment, pour the gasoline on PVC micro-foaming floor, and then ignited. Gasoline burn and fire is extinguished in one minute without dark fire and smoke in 2 seconds. Excellent fire retardant properties cannot be compared with wood or wood-plastic materials. Fourthly, this material does not decay, is radiation-free and non-toxic, in line with national testing standards. It is maintenance-free without maintenance of pollution. Fifth, the bending resistance and the surface hardness of this material are higher than that of wood and wood plastic materials. Its nail-holding ability is stronger than the wood-plastic and the same with wood.