Bend tempered glass heating
Bend tempered glass is safety glass. Tempered glass is one kind of prestressed glasses, and toughened glass strength, usually using chemical or physical methods on the glass surface compressive stress, glass under external force first offset surface stress, thereby improving the bearing capacity of reinforced glass itself, wind resistance, temperature, shock resistance etc..Tempered glass main has two advantages: first is the strength is common glass is improved by multiple times, the bending strength is 3~5 times of ordinary glass, impact strength is 5~10 times of ordinary glass, improve the strength but also improves safety. Second is the use of safety, increase of bearing capacity. Bending tempered glass is the bend tempered glass heating and quenching treatment, so that the glass surface strength increases exponentially with the high strength glass. The characteristics of safety, impact strength, thermal stability, wind pressure resistant strength. Application of curved toughened glass for arc shaped glass curtain wall, ceiling lighting, sightseeing elevator.

General curved tempered glass
General curved tempered glass to cut into the required size, and then heated to the softening point of about 700 degrees, then the rapid and uniform cooling and get (usually 5-6MM glass in 700 degree heat heating for about 240 seconds, 150 seconds cooling.8-10MM glass in 700 degree heat heating for about 500 seconds, 300 seconds cooling. In conclusion, according to the different choice of curved tempered glass thickness, heating and cooling time are different).Then tempering glass surface to form a uniform compressive stress, while the internal tensile stress in the glass forming, flexural and impact strength can be improved, its strength is approximately four times more than ordinary annealed glass. Has steel processing good tempered glass, cannot make any processing or damaged, or it will be smashed to pieces "".

The Strength of glass
Strength than ordinary glass raise several times, bending. The use of safety, increase of bearing capacity improves fragile nature, even broken tempered glass will not have acute angle small debris, and it does harm to human body is greatly decreased. The tempered glass heat shock resistance properties than common glass 3~5 times increase, the general can withstand 250 degrees above the temperature changes, to prevent thermal explosion and has obvious effect. It is a kind of safety glass. For the protection of high-rise building with qualified material safety guarantee. is a modern enterprise which is professional on high-class glass processing. They process great advantages of convenient waterway, overland and aerial transportation.

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