Industrial aluminum profile
Most of domestic wheels are cast aluminum alloy forged wheels, but there are also parts of liquid forged aluminum hub are limited to the manufacturing process and cost reasons, and the lowest price is about 1000 yuan, so the aluminum content largely around the wheel strength. Generally speaking, the heavier the strength of wheel hub is greater (Inferior hub in the manufacturing process) Hand percussion hub side wall, carefully taste the hub echo: good manufacturing aluminum of aluminum alloy forging hub is more dense (among other metal impurities less content), thus knocking echo is more clear. This is the industrial aluminum profile. If the liquid last from a few seconds. If after knocking found echo bored or almost no reply, we advise you to give up the money wheel.(cause: the inferior aluminum cast wheel hub in struck not only sound is muffled, and almost no echo.)If the hub surface without paint, electroplating and other processing of words, but also by the intuitive sense of hub material quality -- hub material better pure (used in the manufacture of aluminum, with relatively low impurity content), its product corresponding to the gloss is bright, clear. Conversely, the color is more gloomy means the forging of aluminum alloy wheel hub material worse.

Aluminum alloy doors and windows materials
Aluminum alloy doors and windows materials not only look at the surface, and Al content, if uneven, whether there is a variegated, finished product is good, material thickness, type of window design meets some place windy rain requirements, shop on your late services etc..You have high quality course line, good quality and price line of three lines or four line's selection. They explore the next market.
Aluminium profile
Aluminum material to the substrate as the anode in the electrolyte, electrolysis, artificially formed on a surface of a substrate with a layer of protective film formed thereby oxidation of aluminum. This is the aluminium profile. The aluminum with strong abrasion resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance is oxidation. It can be formed on a surface of a substrate a variety of colors, the maximum for your requirements. Its hardness, suitable for all kinds of buildings, industrial production is expected. If you are doing a house with the words, brand is not bad, selected aluminum mainly to see its wall thickness deviation of unbiased, surface smoothness to. is a professional supplier to develop high quality aluminum products. Welcome to contact us for detail information about aluminum products. Our engineering personnel and technicians are rich in experience of design, development and manufacture of aluminum products.

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