New development trends of China's aluminum profile

China's aluminum industry has entered a new stage and show a lot of new development trends. First, because in terms of the products of other industries, its degree of difference in the aluminum industry is relatively smaller, the cost competition is still the key factor for market competition in the future. Second, the expansion of large-scale trends and industry vertical integration trend of the manufacturers accelerate noticeably, and a small number of fast-growing high-quality companies will increasingly become a dominant force in future market competition. Third, enterprise competitiveness oriented with scale, technology, brand management, and service is increasingly important and the economically developed areas will continue to maintain a large and active consumer demand for industrial aluminum profile in favor of the further development and growth in the dominant enterprises located in such areas.

Four features for the aluminum processing country

China is the large country for aluminium profile, especially the processing of architectural aluminum, and the needs of the entire construction market for aluminum are increasing every year, and those medium-sized aluminum production enterprises are biggest gains in the market. In the next period of time, China's aluminum enterprises, especially the development of those small aluminum enterprises could be hampered, collapse or mergers and acquisitions of large and medium-sized enterprises will be inevitable. In the future, domestic aluminum processing market competition will present four characteristics:

First: compared to other industries, there are the small differences in the degree of the product of the aluminum industry, so the main market competition in the aluminum industry will be the cost competition in the future. Second: the trend of large-scale expansion of the aluminum manufacturers and industry vertical integration trend have accelerated markedly, part of the high-quality companies with the rapid growth will become the leading force of the market competition. Third, the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises with the growing scale, aluminum processing technology, brand management, and service will be stronger.
Fourth: the pace of China's aluminum enterprises to enter the international market will be further accelerated, especially in some coastal areas part. Large enterprises with better international marketing based aluminum exports will be expected to be equipped with the rapid growth. We can see that the development trend in China's aluminum profile will be more promising in the next ten year, so we have to seize the opportunity to promote the industry. which formerly known as Guangdong Xingfa Aluminium Profile Factory, was established in 1984. As one of the earliest enterprises engaged in aluminium profile in Mainland China, the Company has become a famous and large-scaled enterprise specialized in production of aluminium profiles for both architecture and industry, with its yearly capacity of 150,000 tons.

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