9, 30, the MIIT announced over the complete elimination of backward production capacity list last time, and now the deadline has passed, indeed a number of provinces and cities even shut down backward production capacity throughout the year announced that it has completed Announced tasks. As the iron and steel industry, eliminate backward production capacity of one of the important industry, many enterprises shut down backward production capacity, "quietly" building greater capacity, "TM", "small change" under the iron and steel The total production capacity is still expanding.

In August, the Ministry of Industry has announced a 2087 involving 18 industries and eliminate backward production capacity list of enterprises, backward production can be included in the list of enterprises to be shut down before the end of September.

In this list, you need to be eliminated before the end of September, about 30 million tons of steel in the backward production capacity, the majority of construction steel, and most of the private steel enterprises blast furnace or converter. But as of now, there are a number of provinces and cities announced that it has completed the phased elimination of backward production capacity task.

Such as iron and steel production in China's largest province, Hebei Province, there are 34 enterprises iron and steel making capacity has been listed explicitly shut down. September 28, Hebei Iron and Steel Group, Handan Iron and Steel three 25 tons of steel converter and all the supporting equipment Blasting Demolition, Hebei Province announced the elimination of 163 companies in the list of backward production capacity of enterprises is included in the Ministry of Industry and completed ahead of schedule the phase-out, including iron production capacity of 10 million tons, steel production capacity of 2 million tons.

In addition, several provinces, including Shandong Province and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, including also announced the completion of the task of eliminating backward production capacity this year before the National Day. Some provinces can be included in the phase-out range backward production owned enterprises, and proposed measures to revoke the production license, permit and stop power supply to ensure that the deadline for elimination; Some also introduced a differential pricing to improve sewage charges and punishment standards and other measures to squeeze the living space of the backward production capacity.

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