The prices of prefabricated houses are quite low
Steve Glenn, the successful entrepreneur in Silicon Valley who had served as a marketing executive at Apple, he thinks that he has found a new idea in the history of the second oldest industry. His construction company located in Santa Monica Living Homes designs and constructs high-quality, modern, ultra-efficient prefabricated fence with glass curtain wall. Because they are prefabricated houses, their prices are quite low.

Affordable eco-friendly residential is the approach to add new rapid development product line
Founded in 2006, Living Homes started from construction of the high-end, environmentally friendly prefabricated residential, including the first buildings won Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design of US Green Building Council. The most of the materials of this house are renewable, and because of the extensive use of insulating materials, smart appliances, and solar power (not included), the electricity charge of the house is very small monthly. When the Living Homes Company focused on the luxury business project for the first time two years ago, Glenn thought that the affordable eco-friendly residential is the approach to add new rapid development product line. When the mortgage crisis broke out, the development of luxury product line slowed down, but according to an investment person of him, the private company has profited.

Prefabricated building is 30% cheaper than the same quality site construction residential
The first low-cost residential building introduced by Glenn was named C6, the company completed assembly in California's Van Nuys in early August. Inspired by the California ranch-house style in the fifties and sixties of the 20th century, this residential has three bedroom, two are covered with cork flooring bathroom, room height is 12 feet (about 3.66 meters), equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows, wall surface coatings are free of volatile organic compounds, and indoor lighting system can be controlled by the iPhone handset. The average area of the LEED Platinum C6 residential area is 1,232 square feet (114.46 square meters), which is much lower than the new residential 2,380 square feet (221.1 square meters). Because the prefab warehouse has role of scale economies, so the price (excluding land and site preparation) is $ 179,000, or $ 145 / square foot, which is 30% cheaper than the same quality site construction residential. Glenn said: "Our target population is the cultural and creative people, they focus on value, driving the Prius car, shopping at Whole Foods and use Apple products."

Prefabricated houses are available for long warranty
The challenge that Glenn faces is how to make his customers to overcome the negative impact brought by the prefabricated houses. Think permanent housing synthesis by each 24 feet (about 7.32 meters) wide prefabricated houses, surrounded by a pink flamingo lawn decoration. Is the quality high enough? How long can it persist? The solution of Glen is: his houses provide a 10-year warranty, which is insane. is specialized in design and production of prefab house and environmental material. Our main products include: prefabricated slope-style house, prefabricated flat-style house, prefabricated villa, security room and prefabricated fences, etc. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us!
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Definition of prefab house
The prefab house is a new concept of green economy modular house which uses light steel as skeleton, sandwich panels for the building envelope material, a series of standard modulus space together, connected components using bolts. The prefab house can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled, which achieves universal standardization of temporary buildings, establishes environmental protection and energy saving, efficient building concepts, making the temporary housing into a serial development and integrated production, supporting supply, inventory and can the multiple turnover stereotypes product areas.

Advantages of prefabricated house
The prefab house has the steel and wood structure. Features: easily removable, easy to transport, easy to move, the prefabricated house is suitable to be located in the slopes, hills, grasslands, deserts, Riverside. It does not occupy space, which can be constructed ranging from 15-160 square meters. It is clean, indoor facilities are complete, the durability and stability are strong and it looks nice. The prefab house can be designed according to customer requirement, which is refined and elegant, has good insulation properties, warm in winter and cool in summer, much of the structure of the prefab house is finished at the factory. The prefabricated house is installed on the site, so it will not damage the environment and is green, which not only has practical value, but also ornamental value. It will give you high returns. One-time investment on prefabricated house, it will last a lifetime.

Types of prefab house Cement prefab house
Applicable to be the office and migrant workers' dormitory for various construction sites. It can also be used for flattened additive layer and various warehouses, etc. The load-bearing system of cement prefabricated house is steel structure, which is safe and reliable. The wall uses double-layer steel mesh, lightweight insulation material and high-grade cement prefabricated composite panels, so it is insulation, heat insulation, light weight and high strength. The top surface uses mechanism cement tile, outside wall is color water brush surface, internal wall using advanced plastic pattern wallpaper decorative indoor aluminum keel plasterboard ceiling, which is beautiful and novel. Convenient and fast to transportation and installation, steel windows, steel doors, glass and locks are complete.

Phosphorus magnesium prefabricated house

The phosphorus magnesium soil
is available for the lowest price, the lightest weight, easy to built prefab house on the prefabricated house. It has the waterproof, fireproof, shockproof and anti-corrosion unique effects. The sheet uses polyphenylene plus core to fully achieve effects such as thermal insulation. * Standard width 5 meters, 12 meters long, weighs two tons. * The special room can be designed and built based on user requirements. Apply to the temporary building for construction units.

Color plate prefab house  
Color plate prefab house has the light steel structure; the wall uses color steel cladding polyethylene foam sandwich composite panels. Product specification dimensions, space interval may be determined according to the needs Use cycle is as long as 10 to 20 years Insulation, elegant, decorative ceiling can be processed indoors.
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Prefabricated houses landed in Melbourne
A set of beautiful house is set up overnight, does it scenario appear in a dream? No, it is realistic. Prefabricated houses (Prefabricated House) which are very popular in Europe have landed in Melbourne; perhaps prefabricated house will become a new fashion in Melbourne in the near future.

Prefabricated houses save "quite" a lot of money
Mrs Mei couple bought a disused Edwardian villa six years ago, they know doubtless it would be rebuilt when to buy. Because in the home inspection at pre-purchase, an engineer told them this house would collapse in four years. "We have been using it until the last day; when they tear down the house, it almost can be pulled down by hands." However, due to the irregular shape of the piece of land, the place facing the entrance to the street is too narrow, according to the traditional way housing, the cost will be particularly high. The couple had lived in Europe, where Prefabricated Buildings are particularly widespread; they want to see whether there is no similar service locally in Melbourne. The result was they really found it. In the quotation, Mrs Mei surprisingly found that, compared with the traditional building houses,modern prefab house save "quite" a lot of money. After signing the contract, the couple and son continue to live in their old house, and at the same time, the new homes are being intensely built in the factory. They do not need to rent a house when building new houses like others and live 9-12 months until move back to a new home. Soon, new home is built in the factory.

Prefabricated housing cost is easy to control
People tend to have a bias on pre-housing, they think it is a bargain, simple shape, and is not strong. “The houses the customers get are carefully designed by the architect, the structure and quality is unambiguous." Another advantage of prefabricated housing is the cost easy to control, which will not overspending. The

will be designed according to the client's budget. "This is the sum of clearly fixed costs; we will not quote it after the designers complete the design."

Prefabricated houses are more cost saving
Prefabricated houses have no limitations, which can be comprised by multiple modules, and can be in any size or structure. Seamlessly join them together in the field; you will completely fail to see the property is prefabricated after completion. Some people have a misconception that the prefabricated housing quality is worse than the on-site construction, "In fact, the buildings are the same, this is not a patchwork of houses, and the connections between the modules are hidden." The obvious advantage of prefabricated houses is saving time and costs, and less use of energy, which will make this new building more popular. Especially in remote areas, building houses in the traditional way, workers may have to drive several hours every to arrive at the scene, compared to the prior room built in the factory, and then ship to the site and assembly within a day, it is needless to say which is more cost saving. is specialized in design and production of prefab house and environmental material. Our main products include: prefabricated slope-style house, prefabricated flat-style house, prefabricated villa, security room and prefabricated fences, etc. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us!More information come from: