Definition of prefab house
The prefab house is a new concept of green economy modular house which uses light steel as skeleton, sandwich panels for the building envelope material, a series of standard modulus space together, connected components using bolts. The prefab house can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled, which achieves universal standardization of temporary buildings, establishes environmental protection and energy saving, efficient building concepts, making the temporary housing into a serial development and integrated production, supporting supply, inventory and can the multiple turnover stereotypes product areas.

Advantages of prefabricated house
The prefab house has the steel and wood structure. Features: easily removable, easy to transport, easy to move, the prefabricated house is suitable to be located in the slopes, hills, grasslands, deserts, Riverside. It does not occupy space, which can be constructed ranging from 15-160 square meters. It is clean, indoor facilities are complete, the durability and stability are strong and it looks nice. The prefab house can be designed according to customer requirement, which is refined and elegant, has good insulation properties, warm in winter and cool in summer, much of the structure of the prefab house is finished at the factory. The prefabricated house is installed on the site, so it will not damage the environment and is green, which not only has practical value, but also ornamental value. It will give you high returns. One-time investment on prefabricated house, it will last a lifetime.

Types of prefab house Cement prefab house
Applicable to be the office and migrant workers' dormitory for various construction sites. It can also be used for flattened additive layer and various warehouses, etc. The load-bearing system of cement prefabricated house is steel structure, which is safe and reliable. The wall uses double-layer steel mesh, lightweight insulation material and high-grade cement prefabricated composite panels, so it is insulation, heat insulation, light weight and high strength. The top surface uses mechanism cement tile, outside wall is color water brush surface, internal wall using advanced plastic pattern wallpaper decorative indoor aluminum keel plasterboard ceiling, which is beautiful and novel. Convenient and fast to transportation and installation, steel windows, steel doors, glass and locks are complete.

Phosphorus magnesium prefabricated house

The phosphorus magnesium soil
is available for the lowest price, the lightest weight, easy to built prefab house on the prefabricated house. It has the waterproof, fireproof, shockproof and anti-corrosion unique effects. The sheet uses polyphenylene plus core to fully achieve effects such as thermal insulation. * Standard width 5 meters, 12 meters long, weighs two tons. * The special room can be designed and built based on user requirements. Apply to the temporary building for construction units.

Color plate prefab house  
Color plate prefab house has the light steel structure; the wall uses color steel cladding polyethylene foam sandwich composite panels. Product specification dimensions, space interval may be determined according to the needs Use cycle is as long as 10 to 20 years Insulation, elegant, decorative ceiling can be processed indoors.
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