Prefabricated houses landed in Melbourne
A set of beautiful house is set up overnight, does it scenario appear in a dream? No, it is realistic. Prefabricated houses (Prefabricated House) which are very popular in Europe have landed in Melbourne; perhaps prefabricated house will become a new fashion in Melbourne in the near future.

Prefabricated houses save "quite" a lot of money
Mrs Mei couple bought a disused Edwardian villa six years ago, they know doubtless it would be rebuilt when to buy. Because in the home inspection at pre-purchase, an engineer told them this house would collapse in four years. "We have been using it until the last day; when they tear down the house, it almost can be pulled down by hands." However, due to the irregular shape of the piece of land, the place facing the entrance to the street is too narrow, according to the traditional way housing, the cost will be particularly high. The couple had lived in Europe, where Prefabricated Buildings are particularly widespread; they want to see whether there is no similar service locally in Melbourne. The result was they really found it. In the quotation, Mrs Mei surprisingly found that, compared with the traditional building houses,modern prefab house save "quite" a lot of money. After signing the contract, the couple and son continue to live in their old house, and at the same time, the new homes are being intensely built in the factory. They do not need to rent a house when building new houses like others and live 9-12 months until move back to a new home. Soon, new home is built in the factory.

Prefabricated housing cost is easy to control
People tend to have a bias on pre-housing, they think it is a bargain, simple shape, and is not strong. “The houses the customers get are carefully designed by the architect, the structure and quality is unambiguous." Another advantage of prefabricated housing is the cost easy to control, which will not overspending. The

will be designed according to the client's budget. "This is the sum of clearly fixed costs; we will not quote it after the designers complete the design."

Prefabricated houses are more cost saving
Prefabricated houses have no limitations, which can be comprised by multiple modules, and can be in any size or structure. Seamlessly join them together in the field; you will completely fail to see the property is prefabricated after completion. Some people have a misconception that the prefabricated housing quality is worse than the on-site construction, "In fact, the buildings are the same, this is not a patchwork of houses, and the connections between the modules are hidden." The obvious advantage of prefabricated houses is saving time and costs, and less use of energy, which will make this new building more popular. Especially in remote areas, building houses in the traditional way, workers may have to drive several hours every to arrive at the scene, compared to the prior room built in the factory, and then ship to the site and assembly within a day, it is needless to say which is more cost saving. is specialized in design and production of prefab house and environmental material. Our main products include: prefabricated slope-style house, prefabricated flat-style house, prefabricated villa, security room and prefabricated fences, etc. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us!More information come from:
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Energy efficiency: Generally there is less waste in the process of building prefabricated houses as that existing resources can be recycled and used again.

The prefabricated buildings are generally considered to be energy-efficient because it is made with special care. The chances of unwanted openings or gaps in the walls is very small, just because the walls are nailed or glued or for more durability. The prefabricated homes need very little heating and air conditioning units, than those required for traditional homes.


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