The Government Administers Scaffolding Industry

Since July 2002, Hangzhou, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province continuously happened three serious accidents of major casualties caused due to the use of low-quality steel scaffolds and fasteners construction formwork collapse. And the State Council leaders care about this very seriously. Premier Wen Jiabao's instructions "The key to strictly enforce the law, be held responsible for the accident liability, to block the production of poor-quality building materials distribution channels from the source, and to carry out a special work". And according to the instructions of the ministries leadership of the State Council, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued jointly on September 18, 2003 "to carry out the notice of the special work of the building materials market.

The Goal of Special Punishment of Scaffoldings Industry

The special remediation goal of scaffolding formwork industry have the followings: the poor quality of construction of the production, sale, lease and use the wide range of large steel pipes, the situation has markedly reverse the fastener; irregularities in the production, leasing activities and various fraud effective governance; prevent the poor quality steel, fasteners from coming into the construction site of the regulatory measures are effectively implemented, initially established the mechanism to prevent low-quality steel pipes, fasteners to come into the construction site; construction steel, fasteners, special work to achieve substantive strengthen the legal system on the basis of the results, it gradually incorporated into the regulatory orbit of legalization. We believe that the construction with steel pipes, fasteners special rectification is necessary. However, we also believe that this work will be able to complete the remediation goals not once, but it takes time. And the fact is that, eight years later, these goals are not achieved.

Difficult Work in Special Rectification of Steel Scaffold

In the past eight years, the fastener steel scaffolding poleremediation work got of little progress. The renovation work is very difficult mainly due to the use of construction steel, fasteners quantity is great. In the early 1960s, China began to use steel scaffoldings, and there is a wide range of applications. To the 1980s, it accounted for more than 60%. This scaffolding has become the leading and mainstream scaffolding. From the 1980s to the present, it experienced about three years, and now there are more than about 10 million tons of these fastener scaffoldings in the whole country, and about more than 1.2 billion fastener. However, due to the continuous development of the scale of building structures and construction engineering, construction technology, construction quality and duration requirements increasingly high, the scaffolding has been unable to meet the development needs of the construction, and safety incidents is also increasing. is a leading scaffolding manufacturer specialized in the manufacturing and marketing of various scaffoldings such as scaffolding towers, scaffolding planks, formwork, scaffolding frame, scaffolding prop, mobile scaffolding, etc. If you are interested in our products, welcome to visit our website!

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