Architectural aluminum companies feel the pressure brought by the domestic and foreign markets

In the face of difficulties, architectural aluminum companies continue to seek road suitable for their development, expansion of the scale is replaced by industrial upgrading, market segmentation. "The greater enterprise, more production lines, the greater the difficulties faced", "half of the production line in the larger architectural aluminum companies turns overhaul", "the architectural aluminum business is getting harder and harder”…In face of the current downturn in the real estate market environment, many aluminium profile enterprises in Foshan based on architectural aluminum production feel the pressure brought by the domestic and foreign markets.

   Whether architectural aluminum extrusion industrial upgradingv The companies that previously simply engaged in architectural aluminum extrusion begin an extension of industrial chain, including mold development, casting, surface treatment aluminum production line, but also deep-processing, manufacturing the finished doors, finished window, sun room products. What is more, it also extends to the transportation, machinery, LED lighting and other industrial materials processing. Architectural aluminum company diversified industrial upgrading is expedient or long-term plan? After industrial upgrading, can they successfully seize finished doors and windows market? Everything needs the test of time.

Architectural aluminum business owners have begun to consider the diversified business
As the architectural aluminum industry is labor-intensive industry, and its profit margins shrink, the pressure will increase if the enterprises do not have orders. Under the impact of the real estate market downturn, "How do the enterprises to breakthrough? How to maintain its vigor?" has been the problem thinking by each business. In response to the market, business owners have begun to consider the diversified business, in the basis of aluminum extrusion profile processing, gradually extending to production traffic, photovoltaic and other industrial materials and finished doors, finished windows, sun room, door and window systems and other deep-processed products.

Big challenge of aluminum profile companies
In the deep processing of aluminum production enterprises steering to aluminum door, aluminum windows, sun room, door and window systems, capital and technology is not the biggest problem, but the mentality and concepts, especially some large architectural aluminum production enterprises. Aluminum doors and windows are significantly better than the architectural aluminum companies in the channel layout. Because aluminum doors and windows are non-standard products, which are multi- based on dealers in the sales process, so aluminum doors and windows enterprises are easier for consumer to be accepted and recognized than aluminum producers. If the architectural aluminum deep-processing enterprises turn into manufacturing finished doors and windows, the customer groups will be dealers that they are not concerned about originally (relative to aluminum dealers, distributors of finished aluminum doors and windows are too small). How do aluminum companies to shift in mind from "do not care" to “sincere service" after the production of finished doors and windows is a big challenge. is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in aluminium profile in Mainland China. It is a famous and large-scaled enterprise specialized in production of aluminium profiles for both architecture and industry. This article come from:

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