Glass deep processing is increasingly developed
With the increasing of the social progress and people's living standards, people are no longer satisfied with the use of ordinary glass, glass deep processing is increasingly developed. The glass secondary products that is the deep processing glass is the glass product with specific function using the one time forming flat glass (float glass, ordinary cited flat glass, the flat pull glass, rolled glass) as the basic raw material, made by different process according to the different requirements. Common laminated glass panels product material is the float glass.

Features of laminated glass
The laminated safety glass is two or more layers of glass is sandwiched with the plastic material intermediate film, polyvinyl butyral panel (PVB), polycarbonate panel, polyurethane panels, acrylate plate and other plastic materials, made by the high temperature and high pressure processing. Commonly used laminated glass products intermediate material is polyvinyl butyral (PVB) film. Laminated glass is an excellent safety glass, which is firmly bonded together by two or more sheets of glass using an adhesive material. It has transparent, high mechanical strength, heat resistant, cold resistant, sound insulation and anti-UV performance. The glass and adhesive material combination ensures the laminated glass to have good resistance to impact and safety performance at crushing. When laminated glass is impacted and broken, the fragments will be stuck by the adhesive material, just forms cracks but not easy wounding, which also maintains the original shape and visibility. Due to the above-mentioned advantages, laminated glass has been widely used in the construction, automotive, ship-to-ship, aircraft.

How do consumers to buy high-quality laminated security glass? Professionals give the following suggestions:
1. See signs and check the certificate. Buy regular factory products with 3C certification mark. Since the state carried out product certification of safety glass in 2003, laminated glass production enterprises are compulsory to carry out product certification, companies must silk screen or paste 3C logo in the body of the product for sale, or add 3C logo at the minimum outer packaging and the accompanying documentation (such as certificate of competency ). When purchasing architectural glass panels products, you should first see if there is 3C sign, and view whether the products purchased are within the mandatory certification capabilities of the enterprise through the network based on enterprise information, the number of the factory or product certification and whether the certificate is valid.
2. Look at the appearance and check quality. The appearance of the product quality, laminated glass should not rip or unglued; intermediate layer should have no wrinkles and stripes; explosive edge length or width should not exceed the thickness of the glass; scratches and rubs should not affect the use; intermediate layer bubbles, impurities, scratches and linear defects should not affect the use.
3. Laminated glass should avoid heat exposure, humidity and rain, climate and environment before installation and use, which should be stored in ventilated, dry place to prevent the seepage of laminated glass edge.
4. During use process, you should avoid external shocks, especially to avoid the glass edge and corner impacted by external shocks. When cleaning laminated glass, be careful not to scratch, scrape or rub the surface of the glass, so as not to affect the appearance. is a modern enterprise which is professional on high-class glass processing. Our main products are: Low-e Insulating Energy-Saving Glass. Tempered Glass,Laminated Glass. Insulating Glass(IGU). Furniture Glass, Decorative Glass, Bent Tempered Glass, etc.

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