What is a Mobile Scaffold?

Mobile scaffolding refers to the various erection brackets on the construction site for workers to operate the vertical and horizontal transport. It is a generic term of the construction industry, refers to the formwork used on the construction site in the exterior wall, interior or higher storey and the place that is unable to do the direct construction. Mainly it is convenient for the construction workers to easily up and down to work or perimeter security network maintenance and high-altitude mounting member, simply put that is to put on airs, scaffolding making materials are usually: bamboo, wood, steel or synthetic materials. Some workers use scaffolding tower when the template is used, in addition to widely used in the advertising industry, municipal, transportation, roads and bridges, mining and other sectors.

Development Course of Mobile Scaffold

Mobile scaffolding formwork, as the basis of building facility, is widely used in a variety of large and small construction sites. And it plays a great supporting role. The course of its development is quite long, nearly being the final perfect from the imperfect start step by step, and after a long process. Mobile scaffolding is first successfully developed by the United States, Europe, Japan and other countries began to develop and use the scaffolding early in 1960s. It has the features of simple assembly and disassembly, good bearing performance, the use of safe and reliable, the fast development of mobile scaffolding in a variety of new scaffoldings, it is the developed earliest and the largest usage in Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries, its use accounts for about 50% of the various types of scaffolding. China from the late 1970s has imported from Japan. The United States, the United Kingdom and other countries and also introduce this scaffolding.

The Major Parts of Mobile Scaffolding Poles

The mobile scaffolding is composed of main box, cross box, cross bracing, scaffold boards and adjustable stand. The cross-bracing is also known as helical rod, and mobile scaffolding is a vertical cross-type rod connecting two masts. At the both ends of the rod, there are pin holes, when assembly, lock with the lock pin firmly on the mast pole. Surface treatment: electroplating (cold galvanizing), dip zinc (hot dip galvanized) Caster is also known as ground round, and it can be installed in the lower part of the mobile scaffold composed of mobile scaffolding. It is available as mechanical and electrical installation.

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