Glass Index Analysis

On December 24, "China Glass Composite Index is 1034.40 points, rose 1.39 points than the day before yesterday. The glass price index rose 0.83 points to 1004.52 points on December 24, compared with the day before yesterday. "Chinese glass market confidence index rose 3.64 points to 1153.93 points, compared with the day before yesterday. And the index shows that the glass spot market confidence got fast recovery, slow recovery in prices, but in general, the market gets warmer obvious signs.

Glass Spot Goods Situation

On December 21, East monthly meeting was held in Ningbo, the meeting urged all enterprises depending on their prices up 1 RMB / weight box, this practice reflects the side reaction of spot goods businessmen of pressure status, but the large architectural glass panels industry is not an oligopolistic industry, the spot market price had to be decided by the market. The national average price last week did not change, the prices of the various regions have slight ups and downs, changed in -1-3 RMB / ton, and the northern region fell, the southeast coastal areas rose. The upstream cost is somewhat loose, the soda ash prices remained lower level in the whole year. In the traditional off-season, the northern glass market pressure is still large, the market sentiment is mainly the traditional waiting type, and some enterprises continue to explore new sales models, East China and South China market performed better.

Glass Demand Situation

The December 21 data shows that the positive stimulus of consumption and macro expected by the end of centralized, real estate market continued to pick up, commercial housing sales continued to rise. National car sales also picked up influenced by price heavy purchase and seasonal factors, although a certain decline from last month accordingly, but the growth rate of the glass industry still maintained a high level. But the insulating glass exports are still not improved and still maintain down. It is expected to still to be not many changes in the short term.

Glass Future Goods Situation

On December 24, the glass main futures contract FG1305 opened at 1336 RMB / ton and closed at 1,344 RMB / ton, up to 1349 RMB / ton, the lowest 1334 RMB / ton, up 0.37% throughout the day, the morning session is opened low and rise well, the afternoon session has larger rise, and four percent less volume than the previous day's, increase of 456 hand positions, speculative funds are slightly cautious due to circumvent festival risk.

Glass Market Summary

Last week, the industry data showed, the glass spot downstream demand continues to pick up, and gradually restore confidence in the market, prices stabilize. By troubled by problems of seasonal sales, in parts production enterprises consider monopoly price to the market into the tonic, the side reaction of the spot market pressure remains high, the steady rise in the short term remains to be picked up in demand. Glass futures the FG1305 contracts in the upstream channel, by speculative funds to circumvent and influenced by the weekend ris, the price fell slightly on Friday. is a modern enterprise which is professional on high-class glass processing. Our main products are: Low-e Insulating Energy-Saving Glass, Tempered Glass, Laminated Glass, Insulating Glass (IGU), Furniture Glass, Decorative Glass and Bent Tempered Glass etc. Welcome to visit our website!

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