The Commercial Hot Tub

The commercial hot tub is a bath or shower pipe device, for use in home furnishing device, usually in the bathroom. Modern bathtub mostly includes acrylic or glass fiber manufacturing, and it also has to package ceramic iron, or wood manufacturing. The old Western bathtub is usually made of antirust treated steel or iron manufacturing. Traditional commercial hot tub is made of wood. All the time since, most of the bathtub is rectangular, in recent years as a result of Maria of heating bathtub popularized gradually, and begin to appear a variety of different shapes of bathtub. The bath white is the most popular color, also have other such as pink and tonal. The majority of the tub bottom is to level, also in the upper is provided with an overflow to water level. Some put the hose mounted on the bathtub edge position.

The Types of Hot Tub

Bath according to the functions can be divided into common bath and jacuzzi. Massage bathtub is usually considered as sanitary equipment that people want to buy, so how to decorate bathroom equipment shop visit, who have seen it in electrical stores. In fact, massage bath tub with ordinary different, it is a kind of household appliances, and luxury electric equipment. Massage bathtub is mainly composed of two parts, body and massage system. The cylinder part it various shape bathtubs, materials for steel or acrylic; massage system, a cylinder head and bathtub is visible behind the pipeline, motor, control box. Massage bathtub can use circulating water hydraulic massage, but requires the use of electricity as a source of energy. Some massage bathtub can also generate bubbles, keep the temperature constant functions. But in addition to higher prices, the bath volume is larger, but also for the installation requirements are very high.

Buying Wholesale Hot Tubs

Buying massage bathtub should includes 3 steps: understanding the applicator, listen to the motor, view details. The wall of the bathtub, massage cylinder bottom, the distribution of nozzle, at least two of the more than 10, for, it is used for water, to achieve the effect of massage. Nozzle can roughly be divided into two kinds, spray and jet. Massage bathtub is said to be electrical, because there are motor, motor is a massage bathtub heart. When buying, turned on the electricity, make massage bathtub, then listen to the sound of a motor. Such as Germany in accordance with the relevant norms, wholesale hot tubs motor sound of 22 decibels, a sound, the ear is almost inaudible. And poor motor, can hear noise, can even hear the obvious noise. Massage bathtub is electrical, security is very important. So when buying, be sure to check out as electrical safety certificate, electrical safety equipment certificate.

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