The Aluminium Profiles

Aluminium is a usual material that used in the building products and for building a house. Many factories often search for different aluminium profiles to compare and choose the right one. Many products are made of aluminium, the familiar aluminium window frame is also made of aluminum. These products are made of aluminum and aluminum alloy. And the aluminum alloy can be divided into two types including casting aluminum alloy and aluminum alloy .

The Development of Aluminum Products in China

As China is one of the largest aluminum producer and consumers in the world, its development seems to be good. However, because of the constraints of energy conservation, resource shortages and other factors, its development has met many problems. The actual production of the energy consumption of aluminum products equivalent to only 3% -5% of the preparation of electrolytic aluminum energy consumption, its demand for energy is more comprehensive and it gets rid of the dependence of electricity. As industrial aluminium profile is more conducive to the healthy and stable and long-term development of the aluminum market, recycled aluminum industry has great potential and advantages in terms of energy consumption saving. Because of its environmental protection, recycled aluminum attracts more and more people’s attention. 2/3 of the supply of recycled aluminum is used for the production of casting alloys, and 1/3 is used in the production of Aluminium Panels, while in the supply of virgin aluminum, 2/3 is the production of aluminum, 1/3 is the production of casting alloys. From the production process, we can see that the production of one ton of electrolytic aluminum takes 1.9 tons of alumina, 14500 degree electricity, and the two accounted for 70% of the total cost of electrolytic aluminum.

The Aluminum Products Market

Nowadays, the makert of the aluminum seems to be optimistic. The home decoration is often related to the decoration of the ceiling, especially the kitchen, bathroom, ceiling decoration are priorities. Aluminum Products have the features of low energy consumption, less pollution in the production process, as national support for the secondary aluminum industry, and the industry's advantage will be more obvious reflected. Stable development of the downstream automotive industry gives obvious support for the demand of recycled aluminum. As a result, this features can make it become popular in the market as people will buy according to different demands.

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