Introduction of Curtain Rods

Curtain rod uses metal and wood as based materials. There are many different materials and styles of curtain rods. Some curtain rods are in artistic style, with silk or yarn quality decorative cloth used in the bedroom. Nowadays, Crystal Curtain Rod is a curtain rod in new style. There are many rigid and strong beauty contrasts: wood carved head gives a person with mild satiety. The scope and style are not too restrictive but applicable to all kinds of functions of the room.

Types of Curtain Rod

The curtain rods can be divided into two categories: Bright rod and dark rod. Bright rod is the rod whose colors and decorative head (commonly known as flower head) design can be seen, and the weight of the curtain rod is light. The Aluminum curtain rods are also popular because of this advantage. Because it conforms to the modern society, the "light decoration, the decoration" trend, it is becoming more and more popular in different families. Dark rod is opposite to the bright rod, it is often placed in the curtain box, and it is not easy to see the pole itself. However the decoration has become increasingly outdated, which is gradually being eliminated by the times.

Installation of Curtain Rod

First you should install curtain box according to the horizontal line determined elevation, drawing a curtain box line. When installing the centerline alignment window curtain box, the box line place relying on a wall to put strict, fixed method according to the individual design. After the installation of curtain box, we should have the installation of curtain rails. Curtain rails have single, double or three rail division. When the window width is greater than 1200mm, curtain rail should disconnect, and it should be disconnected staggered at bending. Bending should be gentle curve, lap length not less than 200mm. The curtain box should be installed after the track. Heavy curtain rail should be lengthened screw; install dark curtain box after an orbit. Heavy curtain track small angle should be encrypted spacing, and the wood screws specifications should be not less than 30mm. Rail mounted after keeping on a straight line. The final installation of the curtain rod is connected with the fixing part. Then after the rod or wire installed, we should pull with the fixed element. To make it become consistent with the room elevation.

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