Characteristics of PVC foamed materials

First, it can be made with the similarity of real timber and the appearance and texture just like the wood; second, its physical properties are waterproof, which is particularly applicable to a humid environment; Third, it does not contain protein fiber which can prevent infestation, so it is particularly suitable for termite damage-prone areas; Fourth, it is fire-retardant, in full compliance with the Building Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of China National Fire Protection fire inspection standards, and the material reaches the SGS flame retardant V0 class; Fifth, it is non-toxic and the chemical characteristics of PVC is extremely unstable, and does not emit or absorb harmful substances; Sixth, the Cellular PVC trim boards used in the outdoor is maintenance-free. The preservative treatment is not needed because it does not decay, so it can both save maintenance costs and no not pollute the environment because of the use of anti-corrosion coatings.

Advantages of PVC foam board

First of all, this is a completely waterproof material, because it is plastic, it is widely used in the place of the outside balcony, Plank Road, a swimming pool, lake, beach, ship deck and so on. Secondly, this is a completely anti-termite, anti-moth-eaten material, because it does not contain fibrin. Third, this is a material with a good performance of flame retardant. We have done experiments. This excellent fire retardant property of foam boards is much better then wood and wood-plastic materials. Fourth, it is one that does not decay, is radiation-free and non-toxic and in line with national testing standards. It is maintenance-free, and the maintenance of pollution can be avoided. Fifth, the bending resistance of this material and a surface hardness are higher than that of wood, wood materials. The grip nails is stronger than the wood-plastic which is flat with wood. Sixth, price levels of this material in the current market has the promotion conditions, it is definitely cheap and fine.

The state quo of PVC foam board

China is short of timber resources, and we have the demands with the use of wood. Saving resources and protecting the environment is a national strategic decision and speeding up the application and popularization of plastic and wood is a profit in the contemporary and reactive event in future generations. Therefore, whether from the considerations in the national strategic level, or consider from the actual demand. PVC micro-foamed profiles have very good prospects for promotion and application in China. PVC micro-foamed material is easy designer to create, for it can be bent at the high temperature (approximately 90 ° C), and it can be made into the shape that the materials such as wood, wood-plastic cannot make. With the development and improvement of PVC microcellular foam application technology, we believe its applications will be broader. Potentech employs well-known professors and technical experts in the plastics industry to form an Expert Committee, professionally to develop and produce: PVC foam boards and sheets, PVC mouldings and Modified Engineering Plastic (granules). Poten Cellular (PTJ series) is the real Cellular PVC foam sheet, Production of Cellular technology.

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