Discounted Imported Porcelain Tiles is Questioned

Recently, one of the porcelain tile stores in Seongnam of Nanjing recently played the notices that “Spain Imported Ceramic Tiles are Cleared", the shop owner had never expected that the discount notice would cause a consumer storm. The manager told reporters that they are replacing the old style ceramic tiles with the new tile style, so the porcelain tiles in the store generally are 30%-40% discount, to a large number of clearance, and the ten thousand imported ceramic tiles are 30% discount sales. The movement of the store's clearance makes many consumers dissatisfied, and the consumers in the first few months that buy the imported ceramic floor tile deliberately went to the store manager for compensation according to the "after the discount price difference". Some consumers simply questioned the "identity" of those imported brick in the store.

China-made Porcelain Tiles are Enthusiastic to Wear "Western Jacket

As for the substantial decline in value of imported ceramic tile flooring, the points of view of the industry are not the same. Reporter in an interview found that many industry peers have chaos of imported tiles, the voices is doubted. If consumers want to buy imported floor tiles, no matter the price is real or untrue, what matters is the goods are true or not, this is the key, in case of spending a lot of money buying the 'pseudo imports'. Experts remind consumers of the industry that, some domestic businesses or individuals abroad to register company, or looking for foreign friends to help register when they get foreign "identity card", they began looking for the domestic foundry, and have a lot of stock, and then do the business of "imported floor tiles. If the ceramic tiles put on "Ocean Coat", and their value is immediately doubled. According to industry analysts, some companies is not strict on the register of the management of some countries, in addition to the loose of identity audit, the registered capital is not high, which is one of the reasons that a large number of domestic businesses tend to go this route.

Reminder: Quality Assurance of Ceramic Tile is Important

Insiders said that the wearing of "Ocean Coat”phenomenon in the domestic tiles does exist, but most of the foreign companies brand reputation is more important, and they worry about proxy rights trading will make himself into trouble. Therefore, this phenomenon is rare in the country, even if there are also some foreign tile brands. Even some tile products really are imported goods, due to some domestic buyers to purchase in the foreign market, usually suit miscellaneous disorderly fewer, sale and there is no guarantee for these bricks weaknesses, the consumer must treat this with caution, they need to focus on the brand and quality assurance. is a leading company specialized in making ceramic floor tile and ceramic wall tile, industrial tiles and sanitarty wares is one of the specialized ceramic manufactures that enjoy largest production scales, complete product specifications and good reputation. Welcome to have a visit to our page!

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