China Ceramic Tile Industry Status Quo

In the blooming days that the whole country are promoting the ecological civilization, building a well-off society and building a beautiful grand blueprint passion, green development, cycle development and low-carbon development is the keywords of the 18th Representative Meeting, but also means that 2012 is the first year that ceramic tile towards the way of conscious environmental protection from the "environmental protection,". Under the circumstance of resource conservation and energy conservation, environmental protection has become a global trend, and the ceramic brick tiles industry is facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Ceramic tile brick industry can only to face a low-carbon era, and to greet the arrival of this day and age with a positive and courageous attitude, so as to grasp the opportunity to win a bright future. This, to the current Chinese ceramic floor tile industry in "dire straits", the signal of the 18th Representative Meeting will also affect the development and future direction of the industry.

Energy-saving Ceramic Tile Product Development Direction

The ceramic tile flooring enterprises should make the energy-efficient as a main direction of the production process, put in place of the energy-saving measures during the research and development processing. Make the low-carbon product innovation adapt to the beat of the times, so that the products have extraordinary power-saving features. As for the ceramic tile business in the face of a low-carbon economy boom for resources and energy dependent, it is necessary to improve energy efficiency as an important goal to promote energy conservation work. Such as the establishment of information centers, the establishment of large-scale ERP information system, and to promote and optimize the modernization of production and management of information technology means; establishment of enterprise energy consumption information platform and flue gas line monitoring system, to achieve the level of energy consumption and on-line monitoring of flue gas emission levels, to take the road of scientific development,
it can play a positive role in energy conservation, production efficiency improvement and product consumption reduction。

The Future of the Ceramic Tiles Industry

The 18th Representative Meeting points out the direction for future scientific development of the ceramic tiles industry, summons the confidence and provides a major opportunity for another great development, ceramic tile industry will based on the spirit of 18th Representative Meeting as the guiding ideology, trying every effort to do well in ecological civilization, ecological products, seeking green development, cycle development and low-carbon development, to combine the target of the dream of sustainable development of China's ceramic tile industry and the sustainable development of the Chinese nation. We believe we must be able to actively respond to challenges, overcome all difficulties, and to build the ceramic tile industry in China to a new stage.
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