Industry trends of kitchen appliance
After ten years of development, kitchen appliance industry has developed into the very prosperous one. The sense of service in the kitchen appliance industry in China is extremely strong, and either selection or design style of the product have been able to keep up with the international trend, and have emerged of a number of well-known brands. These well-known brands promote the development of the domestic market in accordance with the trends in Europe, and have also led to the overall development of the domestic cabinet industry. As people's living standards improving, people's requirements on quality of life are higher and higher. More and more kitchen appliance package deals advocate the overall concept of the cooking machinery, which has been widely used in some of the upscale residential and kitchen cabinets and kitchen appliances are bundled together, is integration, which is not only beautiful, but also saves space. This bundling is not bundled in a simple sense of sales, but in all aspects of design, construction, installation, service bundled. Currently we have encountered the problem in the process that the cabinets in domestic cities are combined with the international. The domestic stainless steel kitchen appliances lag behind.

Several trends in the kitchen appliance
There are more and more various forms in the modern kitchen equipment and the customers' needs in the kitchen industry are also ever-changing, and now there are several trends in the development of kitchen equipment in 2013: First, to be modular Second, tend to be multi-functional Third, trend to automation, for all kitchen appliances brands To this end, in order to understand the customers' needs, the understanding of the dynamic of the kitchen equipment has played a very important role in the production operations of the kitchen, and it can make a plan to choose kitchen essential, necessary equipment and facilities.

Tips for purchasing the kitchen appliance
Buying kitchen equipment is to find a balance, so that the kitchen equipment, the configuration of the facility can be in a reasonable state, neither too blindly invest in equipment, nor cut the basic kitchen facilities, and interfering with normal kitchen production operations. The purchase of kitchen equipment and appliances must be planned carefully, and under the normal circumstances, the kitchen managers have to master a certain amount of experience in the configuring and use of kitchen utensils, which is sometimes also a basis to measure the level and ability of manager. Besides the kitchen manager, all the kitchen staff is required to be familiar with and use the kitchen equipment. We will be able to understand the needs of users one by one by understanding the trends of modern kitchen equipment. is a leading supplier specializing in household appliances, selling more than 2.8 million products to the global markets every year. OUYI products include range hood, gas stove, sterilizer, gas/electrical water heater, gas cooker with oven, gas heater, bath warmer and compositive suspended ceiling sold both for OEM/ODM and under our esteemed OUYI brand.

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