The Types of Curtain Rod

Curtain rod can be divided into two categories: the rising stem and the non-rising stem. You can see the pole colors and decorative head (commonly known as the flower heads) of rising stem of Aluminum curtain rods. Because it is consistent with the trends of modern society "focus on decoration instead of fitting", is being welcomed and accepted by more and more families. On the contrary, non-rising stem is often put in the curtain box, and people cannot easily see the pole itself. This decorate method has become increasingly outdated and are gradually being eliminated by the times. Curtain rod can be divided according to the material and the age of applications to the market. The earliest plastics, wood products, and later as the application of aluminum alloy, iron, zinc alloy products, now available pure stainless steel material and so on.

Principles of Selecting Curtains Hardware

Firstly, choose according to the style of the room. High-grade solid wood or brass curtain rods are often used in European and American traditional style home and the rod head is often beautifully carved, such as the classic pineapple shape. In the casual style home, a simple wooden or wrought iron curtain rod is the most suitable, and it is fixed to the wall on the fixed bolt or ceramic decoration. In the modern minimalist style home, smooth and glossy brushed metal curtain rod most commonly appear. Secondly, choose according to the size of the bedroom space. The space size determines the size of curtain hardware, small space with cumbersome thick curtain rod will not suitable; on the contrary, the large space with a small curtain rod does not seem atmospheric. Thirdly, choose according to use requires. There are single-pole, double-pole, even three rods and some need to install a curtain rod orbital. Fourthly, choose according to the curtain fabric. The thin curtain fabrics are suitable to mix of light texture, shape simple curtain hardware accessories, while heavy fabric curtains have to match with solid materials and modeling prudent accessories.

Status Quo of Curtain Hardware

Curtain walls and windows hardware accessories have been in backward situation for many years, and it is difficult to solve the problems. The most important key is the lack of knowledge of accessories. We do not put higher requirement on hardware surface decoration, and this is one of the factors that affect development. Hardware accessories are an important part of the overall appearance of curtain. Some people think that we can use the cheap hardware accessories without requiring its appearance, so a lot of beautiful curtains are matched with hardware in low level Our company is a integrated enterprise, with a skillful and experienced production team, curtain hardware's development and research, producing, sales and service.

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