Two Reasons of Doorknob Price Gap

Doorknob on the building materials market is of various kinds and many similar styles. How to choose a quality and price-competitive door lock handle? Doorknob price gap is mainly on these two points: First, brand, the second is shape. Credibility builds the brand, quality supports reputation, and famous brand is of superior quality of course. In the building materials market, high-end door handles are mostly imported, especially imported from Germany, according to the different models and styles, such as prices, the price is mostly in the 600-3000 yuan and the thousands $ Luxury of 6000-8000 yuan; or even mainly the production of mid-range of the door handle to the joint venture or Taiwan and Guangdong, the price is between 300-600 yuan, the commonly-used Sliding glass door locks of average family are at this price range; low-grade doorknob price is less than $ 100, usually between 60-90 yuan, mainly produced in Zhejiang. In general, the bar doorknob is more expensive than spherical; generally, door handle with better hand feel and higher finish, its price is higher.

Selection of Door Handles Depends on Local Conditions

During home decoration, everyone wants to use the money wisely. Then how to choose buy a suitable and cost-effective doorknob for your new home? In short, it depends on the local conditions. Such as the exterior door lock handle must be firm, insurance, and it would be best to have the Ministry of Public Security Certification, and the interior doors pays more attention to the appearance. Bedroom door, the living room door off infrequently, and not often locked, so you can buy the one with less switching times, generally 100,000 would be enough. And the toilet switch is locked frequency higher, so you may consider buying the one with good quality, and with higher switch number times. In addition, the selection of door handles also cannot ignore the health factors. For example, the bathroom is suitable to use the brass handles. We recommend that your bathroom at home is best installed brass door handles, since it is healthy.

Be Careful about the Enthusiastic Recommendation of Doorknob

When the Door Handle Supplier recommends you the door lock handle, you may have to be more careful: does it worth so much money? See if you pay attention to so few points: First, high-grade imported doorknob domestic assembly of the full set of import and imported parts, the price is different, the purchase should be careful to distinguish. Merchants said that it is imported, and then he should be able to show you the single issued. Second, the fact is not the more complex the more expensive lock handles. The simple operation of the locks is not necessarily excluded insurance, and open up a very complex lock is not necessarily reliable. A door lock switch operating procedures reasonably designed is obvious, and can be easily operated.

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