In China, green chemistry has become the development direction, the main trend of the development of the field of coatings to reduce the use of solvents, paint, paint and water as the main volatile components in order to create more concentrated. With the improvement of the water-based resin synthesis technology with water-based paint manufacturing process level, in some product areas of coating performance of water-based paint has to meet the requirements. Such as building exterior wall paint in the country has been widely used, Waterborne Wood, has gradually been recognized on the market, increasing market sales, industrial paint also forward to the water-based coating. City Sand Dunzhen
Shandong Linyi is one of China's three willow export base, manufacturers are mainly concentrated in the the Linyi region's Tancheng, the total number of Junan County, Linshu, Cangshan County, Guangxi reached more than 2,000 , due to the huge international market demand, the market also spread to the fruit, pastries, Anhui Province and other regions, the products are mainly exported to European countries, the United States, Japan, South Korea and other developed countries, the local production of willow products are mainly used in supermarkets or family bloom utensils, daily necessities, furniture, kitchen supplies, wicker handicraft sales was mainly targeted at pre-schoolers. Such products directly in contact with infants and young, so for these products painting paint its has strict requirements for the degree of environmental protection, water-based paint coating often downstream customers and relevant international bodies to specify their preferred technology. Wickerwork painting paint
our willow products paint yet to develop appropriate standards, relatively confusing. Paint, to encourage the development of environmentally friendly water-based paint for the specification of this particular market, the China National Coatings Industry Association and the preparation of related units the willow dedicated the waterborne coatings industry standard ", China National Coatings Industry Association on the" Willow waterborne coatings industry standard "and" Willow waterborne coatings industry standard "Polls are welcome to ask for the respective units, and comments and suggestions.
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