D Technology and Its Application

3D is short for "Three Dimensions", and it refers to the three-dimensional, three dimensions, three coordinates, that has length, width, height. In other words, it is three-dimensional. We are living in a four-dimensional space and our eyes and body perception to the world is three-dimensional, and we have rich color, gloss, surface appearance, texture and so on, as well as perplexing internal structure and the spatial and temporal dynamics of movement relationship. 3D technology is promoting the industrial upgrading and independent innovation, and it is also the driving force for the development of industry and culture.3D wall panels are also the product of this technology. It is embedded into a modern industry and cultural creative industry of the entire process, including industrial design, engineering design, die design, NC programming, simulation, virtual reality, exhibition, film and television animation, education and training, and it is the highest point for the industry focus of competition.

Wall Panel Structure

The wall panels and floor slabs composed of bearing system of building structure. Wall panel is regarded as load-bearing component, and the room partition. It is the most commonly used and more economic structure in the residential building. One of Its disadvantages is the interior layout flexibility is poor, in order to overcome this shortcoming, now it is currently developed into the wide direction. Wall panel structure is mainly used for residential buildings, apartments. It also can be used for office buildings, schools and other public buildings. And the decorative wall panels are popular in our daily life. Wall panel structure bearing wall brick, block, and it is available precast or cast-in-place concrete. Slab precast reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete hollow plate, trough plate, solid plate; precast and cast-in-place laminated floor slab; Cast-in-place floor slab.

Wall Panel Classification

Interior wall panels include transverse wall panel, vertical wall panel and partition wall panel. Wall panels can be divided into theinterior wall panels and the outer wall plate. Transverse wall panel and vertical wall panel is load bearing walls, but partition board panel is non-load bearing wall. The interior wall has sound insulation and fireproof functions. The inner wall is generally uses a single material, and there are solid and hollow two kinds. Outer wall panels include front wall plate, gable plates and eaves wall plates. Front wall board is for bearing wallboard, and gable plates and eaves wall plates are as a load bearing wall. External wall board should have sound insulation and fireproof functions, but also has low consumption of energy, thermal insulation, impermeability, frost resistance, anti carbonation effect and meet the aesthetic requirements of architectural decoration.

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