China is becoming the world's largest market of the doors and windows of the production and use of China's urban construction completed in a year to 500 million square meters, up to 600 million square meters of rural buildings, public buildings up to 700 million square meters. Accounted for 10% in accordance with the doors, windows account for 20%, together account for 30% of the proportion in China each year there are more than 500 million m2 of windows and doors market. Plastic doors and windows will continue to impact on metal and wooden doors and windows, to 2011, demand will be increasing at a rate of 13.9% per year. In contrast, the people of the metal doors and windows of the demand growth rate is slow, but by 2011 will still show good growth. Domestic Door hardware manufacturing companies mainly in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Liaoning, Sichuan, Yangtze River Delta region alone accounts for more than 70% of the country's trading share. Driven Expo Shanghai in the next two years supporting commercial new construction and completion are about two million square meters, of hardware and building materials such as doors and windows in great demand. The five-year plan is an important part of China's national development plan, the stated objectives of the national economy and social development vision and direction, involving economic development, restructuring, technology education, population, resources and environment, reform and the people's livelihood, the system construction, defense and military and other various aspects of social development in the planning and development, its specific guidelines for the focus of the task and development of the same design from the former Soviet Union, "fifteen", the construction of large and medium-sized projects build the preliminary industrial base in China, and later heavy industry, national defense construction, infrastructure construction, a complete industrial system, the people's living food and clothing to the well-off by leaps and bounds, as well as the comprehensive and coordinated development, taking into account the quality and effectiveness.

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