Good Tips to Maintain Ceramic Porcelain Tiles

Ceramic tiles in everyday life can always come into contact with us, and it is often easy to be dirty and greasy. The following is a summary of several common tips for you. The daily clean of porcelain tiles can use the detergent, soap and other cleaning. With a mixture of soap and a dash of ammonia and turpentine to clean tiles can make it cleaner and looks translucent. If there is tea, coffee, beer, ice cream, grease and other pollutants attached to the tile surface, you should promptly scrub it. As for the ink, cement and other contaminants, you may use hydrochloric acid and nitric acid dilute solution to clean it, and as for the contaminants such as paints and coatings, you preferably use the special cleaning agents to clean it. If the tile surface has a little minor scratch, then you can add some toothpaste in the scratched area, and use the soft dry cloth to wipe it. If serious damaged, then you should promptly replace it or ask professionals to fix it, so as not to cause injury to persons. The glazed porcelain floor tile should be regularly waxing and every 2-3 months would be appropriate.

Porcelain Tile Selection Techniques

When choosing glazed porcelain tiles, you just need to mainly check the surface of glazed vitrified tiles flooring to see whether it is smooth, clean, scratches, stains, missing edges, chipping and other defects. Listening, to gently tap the tiles, if there is crisp sound, and that proves the tile porcelain is high-quality; if the sound is mixing dumb, and that proves a low degree of porcelain tile. Carefully use a ruler to measure the four sides and the diagonal length of the tile with the size of the manufacturers' and compared to determine its specifications whether are the same or not.

Selection Cultural of Porcelain Tiles

The porcelain tile cultures are more reflected in a meeting and guidance of a realistic pragmatism. In the style aspect, it shows the match of tile colors and the trend of style, and it leads the entire decoration materials market by material advantages, and it even plays a guiding role as the trend. In the improvement of the material and shape, we can more clearly see its usefulness, such as grinding pit processing technology to make the tiles can be used in the kitchen or bathroom; polished tiles with curved shapes can be used for the original stone dominate world of cylinders. We can say that the building materials manufacturers are standing in front of the whole trend, and they clearly know what designers need no matter from the material or shape, or color, they are making progress and update in research and development.

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