According to the different structures of wooden doors, wooden doors can be divided into solid wood mortise door, solid wood composite door, plywood molded hollow door.

The Original Wooden Door

The original wooden door is made of solid wood by processing the production of decorative doors, and it code-named Q by wood processing and technologies. The original wood is a natural and the wood derived from forests to make the door core, then by cutting, planning, drilling, carving, setting science processes. All solid wood doors selected wood is more valuable timber, such as cherry, walnut, teak and other. After processing finished wood door with no deformation, corrosion resistance, no cracking and thermal insulation characteristics. At the same time, solid wood entry doors have good sound-absorbing, effective role of sound insulation. All solid wood doors processing quality requirement is very high, and its advantage is luxurious and beautiful, solid modeling. The modern sophisticated technology and the traditional manual carving skills of integration, with solid wood doors natural, lasting humanistic art charm, embodies the noble, classical artistic value. With the style of masters, grand and magnificent, success is the identity highlight. But the market price is high and the interior door is on the market of the most high-end wooden products.

Solid Wood Composite Door

Solid wood doors with the door leaf frame made of a fir or pine wood, the middle filled honeycomb paper, density board grid, bridge opening mechanical board, wood structure, and the surface layer to the substrate using a medium density fiberboard particleboard or perforation, surface mount of all kinds of valuable wood veneer. After high temperature thermocompression of making, and with solid lines edge and it code-named S. General advanced solid wood composite door, the door core for high quality white pine whose surface is solid wood veneer. Maybe it is similar to teak wood doors. The white pine density of small, light weight, and it is easy to control moisture, and thus the finished door quality is of a lighter, and it is also not easy to have deformation, cracking. Solid wood composite door texture slightly inferior to solid wood door, but the material and style is more diverse, or exquisite, continental and carved, or classical Chinese colored parquet, or modern fashion, different decorative style door can give consumers a wider selection of space.

Plywood Molded Hollow door

Plywood molded hollow door is made of solid wood frames with two decorative board with pressure on the frame by the pressing processing, and it code-named K. Plywood molded hollow door core, frame with pine, a single style, simple structure. The door is made by the template shape restrictions, specific individual customized size may include imbalance .The price is high for solid wood door, solid wood composite door can be more affordable. As the door is hollow inside, soundproof effect may be worse than those are in high quality. This article come from:

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