What is Polished Quartz Tile?
Polished quartz tile is a kind of mirror quartz tile, after firing of the quartz tile, and through mechanical polishing (polished), so that the surface looks very smooth and bright. Because it is artificially made, so its density, hardness is more uniform than the marble or natural stone. It has all the advantages of the marble, and the price is lower than the marble, and marble may contain carcinogens, the color is various too. In recent years, a large number of polished quartz tile is imported from abroad (Taiwan have also produced), and are becoming more and more popular and widely be used in daily life, gradually to replace traditional tile or natural stone as tile countertops. There are several most important reasons: the price is reasonable. Appearance is beautiful, texture is good. Easy to clean and maintain.

Characteristics of Quartz Tiles
First, the price is reasonable: In contrast to natural stone, the price of white quartz tiles is ranging from 100-1000 RMB. On the other hand, look at the polished quartz tile, the construction price of every square meter is ranging in number from 1000 to 10,000 RMB, comparing the two under the polished porcelain tile is much cheaper. Second, good appearance and texture - polished quartz tiles with the high level of technology, developed in the polished surface comparable marble soft lines full of change, or as beautiful color, strong hardness of granite. Whether it is used in the place of business or just in residential, it can bring out the beauty and texture of the building. Because of this, polished quartz tiles in the past few years, become the mainstream of the current construction materials and gradually replaces stone. Third, easy to clean and maintain – the surface of polished porcelain tile is already processed into a mirror when it is in factories manufacturing. In addition to its own beautiful, good texture, the cleaning and maintenance work is easier. Polished quartz tiles are the real practical floor building materials compared with the other building materials in the market.

Polished Quartz Tiles Shortcomings
However, though polished quartz tile is without a suspicion of disease, but polished quartz tile itself has a many annoying problem, that's pollution. After a period of use, the originally bright, clear and polished surface will appear to varying degrees & kinds of pollution problems can be found. Original polished tiles can easily be contaminated! Polished tiles after installation, the surface will usually cover the corrugated board to protect the floor - to prevent the decoration works, man-caused damage. After the end of the decoration works, to open the protect board, we discover that the tiles of the surface-printed corrugated board-like stripes traces cannot be removed and resulting defects, even in the decoration works also generate many pollution problems, such as pencil, singular pens, fountain line, paint, color drinks, betel nut juice, scratches etc.
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