Extruded Aluminum Production Status

Among the many mold aluminum extrusion profile producers, the aluminum extrusion profile production costs accounted for about 35%. Whether the mold is good or bad, and whether the mold can be reasonably used and get good maintenance directly determine whether a company can properly and be qualified to produce profiles. The working conditions of the extrusion die profile extrusion production is very bad, both need to withstand the intense friction under high-temperature, high-pressure abrasive action, and also need to withstand cyclical loads. Which require the mold has a high thermal stability, thermal fatigue resistance, thermal wear resistance and has sufficient toughness. To meet the above several requirements, so far in China, many companies generally use the 4Cr5MoSiV1 alloy steel of good quality and adopt the vacuum heat treatment and quenching way to make a mold, in order to meet the requirements of die cast aluminium enclosures production.

Use Aluminum Extrusion Die Rationally

Aluminum profile cross-section is ever-changing itself, and the aluminum extrusion industry develops till today, aluminum has the important advantage of light weight, good strength, there are already many industries using aluminum instead of the original material. As part of the profile of the special lead mold the special profile cross-section, the design and production more difficult. If you're still using conventional extrusion methods, they are often difficult to reach a mold rated output, using a special process, strict control of the production process parameters to normal production. Second, select the appropriate extrusion models for production. Before extrusion production, extruded aluminum cases sectional should be fully calculated, based on the degree of the complexity of the profile cross- section, thickness, size, and extrusion coefficient λ to determine the size of the extruder Ton. The product structure is more complex and easily lead to mold locally rigid enough, the metal flow of the mold cavity is difficult to tend uniform, and is accompanied by causing local concentration of stress. When the profile is under production, it is easy to form a distorted wave, and the mold is prone to elastic deformation, but also severe plastic deformation of the die directly scrapped.

Extruded Aluminum Production Proposal

With the increasing competition in the aluminum extrusion market, forcing producers of aluminum extrusion to put enormous energy into the die procurement, use, maintenance and management, which requires companies to change their concepts, while changing the extensive production management, from the details, take good mold statistical analysis of grabbed and cost consumption management, so as to adapt to the new market situation and win a head start in the market.

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