A Huge Quartz Tiles Market Space

Artificial quartz slabs in the international arena have become a new kind of countertop materials, quartz products in Europe and the United States more and more into consumers' homes. 2006 Milan International exhibition cabinets, new products launched by the world famous cabinet, we can obviously feel this trend. Quartz stone products market with the past 20 years of stone market, and 10 years ago are artificial in stone market conditions, there will be 500% annual rate of increase in the future market, so there is a huge market space for the development of quartz tile.

Industry Applications of Quartz Slab

Initially, the Quartz Slabs are only used in higher surface requirements cabinet table, furniture table, laboratory operating table. With the economic development and further mature market, more foreign ground, walls, furniture and other fields began to use quartz stone, such as a variety of large hotels, luxury residential landmark, quartz stone is gradually become the alternative of natural stone products . Quartz use customers are constantly changed, from traditional wholesalers to real estate development companies, to building decoration companies, more and more people are added to the quartz consumer trend. International customers generally considered high hardness of quartz products, high-end, compared to natural stone more design, environmental protection, no radiation may Although the market share of the largest stone or granite, quartz future trends soon future will replace other artificial stone and a large part of the natural stone, quartz slabs are now in short supply in the global market, and this situation will continue for at least five to ten years.

Chinese Quartz Stone Market Prospects

China artificial stone market capacity in 2010 IS 50 billion RMB, quartz accounted for less than 10% of the share of the artificial stone products, with more quartz enterprises entering the market, the further improvement of production technology and the market continues is getting mature, the market gradually quartz is activated, and consumer demand is increasing. From the cabinet industry statistics data from 2005 to 2010, within five years, China will have a capacity of 29 million sets of the overall kitchen furniture market, an average of 5.8 million sets per year, if the average of 10,000 RMB cabinet table accounted for in which the proportion is 40% of the cost of the year cabinet table, there is a 34.8 billion RMB market space. The quartz in turn become cabinets’ countertops mainstream products. Plus the application of bathroom countertops, desktops, floors, walls, and other areas, quartz is pregnant with a huge industry.

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