Development of Door Lock Handle

Nowadays, as metal materials have been widely used in door locks and handles, and the advance and backward of door locks and door handles become a decided factors that the advanced nature of door security, confidentiality and convenience. Lock technology development and other areas such as the ever-changing electronic technology has formed a sharp contrast: from the hundred years to the present that the American Yale Henan 1861 invention mechanical pin tumbler lock, the mechanical lock in the use of the principle, the use of function also did not have any advance. Appeared one after another until the last 20 years, and application of a small amount of "fingerprint lock, electronic password lock, because they must be supporting or co-exist with tumbler lock, to complete the door switch function, it is not a complete sense of locks. Even if they are very limited improvement, they also pay a considerable price - open more than two sets of configuration are more cumbersome. From which we can see people in the locks and door lock handle technically arduous exploration, and this exploration behind a wide range of social expectations and significant market value.

Door Lock Handle Technological Innovation

In view of this situation, "Well peaks intelligent security products" the patented invention cut from the "tumbler lock away" concept of technological revolution, inventive, independently developed a the automatic mechanical "high-tech locks and thoroughly break tumbler lock with gear-type key contact type rotating opening and closing the structure and principle of operation to achieve a mechanical locks no touch signal to trigger the opening and closing automatically locked. In order to achieve a qualitative leap in lock technology, and lock technology exploration for decades to no avail "era come to an end, to provide a reliable core technology for the breakthrough and persistent doors firmly and convenience platform enabling the traditional the door industry century revolution, more new locks appeared on the market, such as the modern Glass door lock. Automatic mechanical lock is in the absolute leading position in the world, representing the highest level of technology in contemporary locks and handles.

Demand Factors of Door Lock and Handle Market

Some experts pointed out: from 1988 - 2002, 55% of China's housing sets rate increased to 73.81 percent and 18 percent in four years, a set of goals from the average household still have 26.19 percent. Generally speaking, the housing complete rate is close to 90%, continue to enhance the speed and will be a significant slowdown. In less than 90%, it is a high growth phase. Accordingly, the next three years is still a period of rapid growth. In the long term, the pace of development of China's real estate industry will continue as the two long-term factors, the long-term to stimulate the real estate industry to higher GDP growth rate of about 4% higher than the GDP growth - China's urbanization and consumption structure upgrade pace. Therefore, with the development of real estate, the bundled door lock and handle industry in three - five years will have the same market growth rate.
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