Whether it is aluminum interior doors (including the insulation broken profile) or aluminum wood composite profiles window, we must note the following points in the purchase of such products:

Aluminum profile and other materials

The aluminum profile windows and doors generally include three aspects: aluminum profile, glass, metal pieces. The owners tend to pay more attention to the thickness of the aluminum and glass when purchasing products, whose requirements for the hardware are not very high, it is not comprehensive. In fact, the country has standard for aluminum windows and doors. The luminum profile used by quality aluminum profiles can generally meet the national standard in its thickness, strength and oxide film, for example, the national requirements: the aluminum profile of the aluminum alloy doors and windows should be not less than 1.2mm in wall thickness; the oxide film thickness should be up to 10 microns. While the tempered glass is better than ordinary glass. Consider the safety and durability of the doors and windows, stainless steel hardware accessories (such as screws, hinges, handles, etc.) are better than aluminum accessories, and the best choice for pulleys is POM material , because these products have higher strength and wear resistance, which is smooth and non-perishable during the using process.
v Aluminum plate door machining

With good material, the next step is the processing of the doors and windows. Aluminum windows and doors are not high technology content; the degree of mechanization is not high, so they mostly rely on the installation manual workers, which requires the operator to have a good awareness of product quality. The enhance operator proficiency and product awareness is very important in the production process. High quality aluminum windows and doors and fine processing, tangent smooth, consistent point of view (the main frame material usually is 45 degrees or 90 degrees), there should not be more obvious gap in the splicing process, good sealing performance, switching smoothly. Poor quality aluminum windows and doors, especially aluminum sheet products, there will be the problem of sealing properties if fail processing, not only air leakage leaking, but also, the glass will appear to burst off phenomenon in the case of strong winds and large external force, resulting in loss of property and even wounding phenomenon.

Appearance of aluminum sheet

When the owners buy aluminum products, they usually pay great attention to the appearance of the product as well as glass decorative patterns, but often underestimate the composite film of aluminum profiles on the surface, and this composite film is formed by the artificial oxide film coloring, which is corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, high gloss, but also has a certain fire resistant features. So we should compare similar products in the purchase of aluminum products. Glazier artistic varies from person to person, different owners choose according to their preferences.
Aluminum profile price

Because the prices of aluminum alloy profiles is directly related to the aluminum, but the price of aluminum performance is relatively stable generally in a given period. Under normal circumstances, the price of high-quality aluminum products is 30% higher than the low-grade aluminum alloy, poor quality aluminum sheet is usually extruded by aluminum which contains a lot of impurities in recycled aluminum, some aluminum wall thickness is only 0.6-0.8 mm, which is greatly below the relevant provisions of the State both from the tensile strength or yield degrees. This type of aluminum profiles, especially aluminum outdoor window is not safe, so the owners should not figure momentary cheap but underestimate the personal safety of themselves and others when you buy products.

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