Massage Bath Tub Manufacturer

Massage bathtub can be divided into single and double, the general size (1500*810*580) and (x 2090 x 2090 900mm) massage bathtub massage mode can be divided into: whirlpool massage, bubble massage, mixed type massage. Vortex type massage is the most traditional hydraulic massage, strong nozzle into water and air from the tub injection, bath tub manufacturer produced double effect, the circulation of the blood, lymph tissue and removal of waste have distinct functions, and whirlpool massage generated by the vortex can comfortably massage the whole body. High water mute adjustable nozzle, nozzle, 3/8 "in the 18psi (Pascal) under pressure, air switch in the fully open, the nozzle water content of 14gpm (gallons per minute).The nozzle can generate about 10000 small gas bubbles, the smaller bubbles not easy and rapid float to the water surface and fracture, so the injection nozzle flow strength strong but very soft. The nozzle of the massage water size, at the same time, the nozzle can be opened from the front, the cleaning nozzle. Double spiral massage nozzle, a unique circumflex bubble and continuous vortex effect to create the same rotating direction of air and water flow. Send out a deep massage force, to effectively relax tense muscles, and to ease the pressure.

Hot Tubs Wholesale Market

System by the bubble pump through the tub bottom bubble nozzle, resulting in a large number of bubble wrap the body, gently massage the body, can make the spine and neck feel comfortable, so that the muscles and body and mind is relaxed. On the hot tubs wholesale market many massage tub bottom also has a nozzle, but did not actually bubble massage function, the cause is not mounted pump bubble, naturally there is no bubble massage function. The bottom nozzle and the water pump is connected, squirting water, can relax the body function, but, due to the connection bottom nozzle and pump pipe below the water outlet, so the water pipe, which cannot be discharged. Mixed type massage will whirlpool massage and air massage become, next to the swirl nozzle can exclude lymph within the waste, and the air nozzle can generate ozone and the effect of fountain.

Common Bathtub

Bath tub skirt's side, if not you can choose tiling, like brick style belt skirt bathtub saved his tiling. There include bath body, bracket, skirt, launching and so on. The cheapest bath without skirt, bracket and enter the water, general 500 can be. But, you must own with water, a good point to 100 RMB of above, no bracket and the skirt will own brick pond, also want to take a lot of work material. With skirt bathtub installation is simpler, to include the skirt, support and launching. Skirt: single and double skirt.

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