What is quartz?

Quartz is a new artificial stone product made of ingredients wrapped in a small cristobalite or Shek Kong synthesis, with more than 90% natural white central white Ran mixing with an ultra-high-performance resins and specialty pigments and integrated into one. Its main material is quartz, quartz has no radiation, high hardness, thus creating a quartz stone countertops from being scrapped (Mohs hardness 7), cannot be dirty and dyed (vacuum manufacturing. dense non-porous), cannot be fired (quartz material. Temperature resistance of 300 'C), non-aging "30 polishing process without maintenance), non-toxic and non-radiation (NSF certification, free of heavy metals, may be in direct contact with food). quartz table tops has various colors, Gobi series, crystal series, granite series the Twinkling Star Series have more features, and can be widely used in public buildings, hotel, meals pounds, banks, hospitals, exhibition, laboratory, etc.), and home decoration, kitchen countertops, sinks, kitchen wall, table, coffee table, windowsill, door, etc.) is a non-radioactive pollution, environmentally friendly, reusable green new construction interior decoration material.

Performance of Quartz

First, quartz slabs is easy to clean: any dirt can be cleaned with soap or detergent. Second, anti-dirt: cannot be penetrant by any liquid, no pores and pores. Stubborn stains can be removed, such as ink or hair dye. Three, impact resistance: compared to the general stone or polymer, it is anti-rupture, stronger cracking ability, not easy to be scrapped. Fourth, heat resistance: the heat resistance is more than the surface of the material in general. Fifth, the flame resistance: it is a flame retardant material. Sixth, food standards: can do with food regular contact. Several, healthy: under the condition of completely no pores surface, mold, bacteria and other microorganisms cannot survive.

The Features and Applications of Quartz

Quartz stone is made of 94% quartz and 6% of the resin, the hardness is 7 degrees, while the stone is synthetic marble powder and resin hardness is 4-6 degrees simply put, and quartz ratio engineered stone is hard, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant. Engineered stone quartz stone, due to its material characteristics, determines its features of high temperature, the temperature below 300 degrees Celsius will not have any impact on it, that is, no deformation and fracture; and it contains a lot of resin, at high temperatures it is particularly prone to distortion and manifestations. Quartz stone is a radiation-free product, and there is no adverse impact on the body. It can be widely used in public buildings (hotels, meals, pounds, banks, hospitals, exhibition, laboratory, etc.) and family decoration (kitchen countertop, sink, kitchen and bathroom walls, dining table, coffee table, window sills, door pockets, etc.). It is a non-radioactive contamination, reusable, environmentally friendly, green new construction interior decoration material.

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