Introduction of Foam Board

Foam board is also known as EPS board, which is the expandable polystyrene particle containing volatile liquid foaming agent, and eventually form foam molding by the advanced heating in the mold. Polystyrene foam board has the characteristics of a fine closed cell structure; polystyrene foam boards are used in the building wall and roof insulation, composite panels insulation, cold storage, air-conditioned vehicle, ship insulation, floor heating, decorating carving and so on, therefore, it is widely used in various aspects.

The Advantages of Foam Board

The polystyrene foam board has the characteristics of lightweight, insulation, insulation resistance, low temperature resistance, and it has a certain degree of flexibility and minimal water absorption. Polystyrene foam board exterior insulation system has superior insulation properties, good performance of the water-repellent, crush-resistant and impact resistance, and it can effectively solve the body cracking and leaking water problems of the wall. Polystyrene foam board exterior insulation systems can avoid thermal bridges in winter and greatly reduce the loss in indoor heat through the exterior wall; the weight of the wall of the polystyrene construction foam board exterior insulation systems in summer can be greatly reduce the heat which is conducted to the indoor by sun radiation exterior wall, thereby enabling the heating, air-conditioning energy consumption decline. Polystyrene foam insulation board exterior insulation systems wall has light weight with significant energy savings, can reduce energy consumption and protect the main structure, but also extend the working life of the building. Polystyrene foam insulation board exterior insulation system cover a warm, reliable, durable coat to the building, is the energy-saving thermal insulation system of choice for architectural design and construction units. With the continuous development of building energy efficiency, its excellent performance is gradually accepted by the market, and the energy-saving buildings will be the direction of future development.

Challenges for the Foam Board Industry

The short term shrinking of the civil housing market is the biggest challenge of the current North American building insulation materials market. Affected by the financial crisis, civilian housing market in North America is rapidly shrinking, and the negative impact of the civil housing market shrinking on the North American building insulation materials market will continue for a long time. There are some technical problems in building insulation material itself, due to higher cost of recovery and the lower recovery rate of the insulation material, some insulation materials aids are difficult to be separated in the recovery, which also led to poor product quality in the recycled insulation material reproduction, limiting the application of recycled materials in some areas. There are some harmful substances on human health in the building insulation material products, such as the adhesives used in mineral wool forming may contain harmful volatile organic compounds. These technical problems will affect the building insulation materials.

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