First, do not be cheated by salesman of prefab houses

When consulting the prefab houses manufacturers, do not be driven by the salesman and be led to the products that they want you to purchase. A good consulting service should be like this: listen to the preliminary specifications of your Container houses and use, and then tell you the suitable type of prefab house and appropriate standard size of the board room, and then tell you the price of their company.

Second, make sure the items included in the container buildings price.

First of all, the basic offer should include costs of prefab house production, installation and transportation in the city. The usual activities of the board manufacturer offer do not include infrastructure and installation. The costs of water and electricity and utilities are paid by their own customers. Second, we must make sure whether the price of prefab houses includes VAT of business. It is the common phenomenon that some customers immediately signed a contract when knowing the price of container buildings is much lower than others, while you didn’t know manufacturers does not provide business value-added tax invoices until the time of payment. In addition, some offer of manufacturers include business VAT, but does not explicitly tell customers, if the customer does not require manufactures to provide the operating value-added tax invoices, then they will easily earn the part of the profits.

Third, do not fall into the trap of prefab houses 9area

If it is standard, and is designed according to the model, and its area has already been calculated, which can be investigated in the prefab houses area table. If it is heterogeneous, then you can calculate according to the rules. If you do not know the calculation, then you can be cheated by the salesman.

Fourth, pay attention to the quality of the C type steel.

There are many materials for activities of the prefab houses, which should be noted is the two kinds of materials: C type steel and color steel sandwich panel. C steel used in the prefab houses is 8 # type, which is used in beams, columns, beam, word beam, floor purlins, etc. Column and the beam are the key endurance points for the structure of the room, the two should take use of the dual 8 # C type steel with 1.8mm thickness (the so-called dual-8 # C type steel is to weld two 8 # C type steel together). Second, we must observe whether the surface coating of the material is smooth, if the surface coating of the material is sloppy, then the surface is easily oxidized. Our prefab houses can apply extensively in the temporary house of the open country construction such as road, railway and building; City municipal temporary commercial or other using house, such as: temporary office, meeting room, command post,dormitory and temporary shop, school, hospital, parking lot, exhibition house. And also using as villa, vacation house etc.

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