Access conditions of PVC foam board industry

Energy conservation has been a top priority of our government work, the PVC industry is a typical high energy consumption industry. In order to optimize the industrial structure, China implements the new access conditions for chlor-alkali industry, and carries out the limit and minimum energy utilization of the 22 energy-intensive products with the highest energy consumption. the calcium carbide, rigid pvc board, and caustic soda are within limits, and this will have impact on the availability of PVC in a specific time period. In addition, the "Energy Conservation Law" makes provisions of building energy efficiency. According to the statistics, PVC plays an important role in sash energy efficiency in Europe, and it can help the family housing save heat cost of 1 billion Euros every year, therefore, as the deepening of China's energy conservation efforts, the China's future might be further demand for PVC energy saving window frames.

The export tax rebate rate of PVC foam board
In 2007, China's export tax rebate rate from 11% of the self-adhesive PVC directly down to 5%, China's PVC export relies on the price advantage, so the export tax rebate rate as well as restrictions on exports of processing trade exports will further compress product profit margins and weaken the pvc foam boards manufacturer exports enthusiasm and heavier PVC oversupply situation in China, especially those enterprises produce PVC by importing VCM and EDC.

The anti-dumping policies for PVC industry

Anti-dumping price trend of China's PVC can be explained from two parts, first we carry out anti-dumping policy on the PVC from abroad, such as South Korea, Japan, the United States and Russia, and refuse their products by imposing high anti- dumping duties abroad, which in particular historical stage, make the domestic PVC structure stable. Furthermore, the situation that our current PVC is oversupply is very grim, and the operating rates continue to lower. The foreign countries also have to protect their own products, so they also carry out the anti-dumping on China's exports of PVC, such as India, Turkey special protection policy, which will inevitably lead to the export of China's PVC blocked, thus affecting the supply and demand of domestic relations.

Petrochemical industry affects PVC foam industry

Currently, the State Council examined and approved light industry restructuring and revitalization plan in principle by the petrochemical industry and make the decision to increase credit support to petrochemical enterprises, and will stop approving simple coke, calcium carbide and other coal chemical project to expand production capacity, accelerate structural adjustment, and optimize the industrial layout. It is alleged that there will be 60-80 million tons of ethylene project will be put into operation, which will be a certain impact on the production of self-adhesive PVC structure, thereby changing the current PVC pricing mechanism. Potentech employs well-known professors and technical experts in the plastics industry to form an Expert Committee, professionally to develop and produce: PVC foam boards and sheets, PVC mouldings and Modified Engineering Plastic (granules). Poten Cellular (PTJ series) is the real Cellular PVC foam sheet, Production of Cellular technology.

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