Green building is the development direction of China's building. With the release of the documents of the State "Twelve Five" Green Building Technology Development special plan, "" Twelve Five "building energy efficiency special plan", "Twelfth Five-Year" period, China will comprehensively promote the "Green Building Initiative" vigorously promote green buildings and green building materials. In April 2012, the Ministry of Finance, the Department of Housing and Urban jointly issued "to accelerate and promote the development of China's green building implementation of views" (Finance Building [2012] No. 167), clearly pointed out that "through the establishment of financial incentives, green building, green ecological The city give financial subsidies, and requirements to the 2014 government investment in public welfare buildings and municipalities, plans and cities of affordable housing in the city and the provincial capital city of the full implementation of green building standards. Along with the advent of the green building and green ecological city and national construction of affordable housing climax, energy-efficient doors and windows products comply with the requirements of green building standards will be faced with a vast market.

To implement a national green building development plan, and vigorously promote the use of green energy-saving windows and doors, to strengthen further the exchanges and cooperation of the doors and windows and their supporting enterprises and real estate agency, architect, recommended for green building and eco-city construction in China in line with the green, energy saving, low carbon requirements of door and window products, building materials industry and technical supervision Research Center, National Building Materials Test Center, a number of joint units in September 2012, held in Beijing in 2012 green ecological real estate projects of energy-saving windows and doors Summit Forum Green Building selection of door and window products released activity.

Then, the General Assembly will be selected for the selection of green building product-oriented catalog and selection of green building products prove trademark of the company held a grand certificate ceremony. The same time, during the Third China (Tianjin Binhai) International Eco-City Forum & Expo "held in late September of this year, selected products will have the opportunity to Green Building Certification & Inspection Group stationed in China's building materials / national building materials testing center dedicated selection product "exhibition.

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