The Initial Situation of Container House

People are not optimistic about the container house when it was firstly appeared in the market. Because container home as just a new thing for people and the most important security problem is not known, the safety factors makes people not very optimistic about Prefab container homes, but with the improvement of technology and management, the energy showed by prefab house is growing and its market share is rising continuously.

Current Development of Prefab House Industry

As the market continues to progress and the outstanding performance of the activity rooms, people gradually began to accept the new things. The Reason why the prefab house can be so popular is that the development of the container home, in recent years, there are developments on the solidity and reliability of prefab house, seismic performance is enhanced too. So in some king of accidents, prefab houses can play an important role, especially after the Japan earthquake, the authorities purchased a large number of prefab houses to resettle the affected areas and people. This also illustrates that the current market greatly accepts the prefab houses. The second is the development of technology, the emergence of a variety of new materials ensures the safety and reliability of container house. The new technology also makes the prefab house become more and more environmentally friendly. Technology continues to progress, the technology of prefab house is constantly updated, and it has gradually become a new fashion of safe, convenient, simple, environmentally friendly housing, the potential of prefab house market is still in the era of rapid development in today's society, so the large market of prefab house is beyond the expectation.

The Main Reasons of the Development of Container Home

The prefab house has the features of easy installation, long life, no pollution wind resistance & Anti-seismic and waterproof, in addition, its safety performance is very reliable and it can meet the different needs. The structure of the container home is also very simple, and it is basically familiar with the construction of the building. You have firstly to find the flat wall and partition foundation, and then set up the pillars, and connect the skeletons by Transverse beam frame, fix the clapboard, outer wall plate and the frame of window and door. You have to pave the floors and fix windows and doors and some other constructions. These operations and transformation will make our prefab house become more practical in daily life in the future, be able to come to the fore, and ultimately come to this indispensable position today. We also believe that such a construction has a broader space for development in the future development.

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