Ceramic Mosaic Tiles Overview

Mosaic tile is one of the oldest the known decorative arts, it is to create a pattern by using small tiles or pottery. In modern times, mosaic belongs to tile, it is a special way of brick, and is generally composed of a relatively large brick by dozens of pieces of small bricks. It is small and exquisite, colorful characteristics are widely used in the indoor small area of floor, wall and outdoor slightly walls and ground. ceramic mosaic tiles, due to its smaller size and colorful features, are used to make the puzzle, and it can produce a gradient effect. If your bathroom is large with good lighting effects, you can choose the mosaic tile, and definitely it is better than other tile when cleaning.

Cultural History of Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic is translated from MOSAIC, ceramic mosaic, originally means the detailed mosaic damascene decoration. Early people lived in caves, in order to make the floor more durable, they used a variety of marble laying the ground, and the earliest mosaic tile is derived on this basis and developed. An art mosaic earliest is a kind of mosaic art by drawing a pattern on the wall surface or floor, pebbles, shells, tiles, glass colored inlays performance. Mosaic decorative materials, is first found used in architectural decoration mosaic Sumerian temple walls, mosaic decorative patterns in the Trans-European Mesopotamia Mesopotamian plain temple wall is said Su The beautiful sun mosaics dog is the found many first mosaic collages. Archaeological discoveries is the time of ancient Greece, ancient Greek marble mosaic pavement applications is very common, it was the most commonly used form of pavement mosaic with each other by using black and white, there were only the authority of the ruler and money rich people can afford to hire craftsmen and commercially available starting materials.

Modern Mosaic Tiles

Today, there are so many flexible materials used to make the mosaic tiles. From the traditional marble, pebbles, glass tiles, pottery, porcelain and enamel, etc. to any life you can use materials such as buttons, cutlery or stationery can be. In today's era of high industrial technology, the glassy mosaic piece is made with gold and silver and it can also be mass-produced. The idea was obscured important part, such as the media is not convenient exposure someone put his face mask, looks vaguely. Mosaic, due to its status and special meaning in the visual culture, it is attractive by academics seriously. To the 1950s, mosaic picture is inspired by the art world, and the magnificent Byzantine mosaics are coupled with the emergence of new materials such as glass fiber and plastic, modern mosaic are able once again to create a unique and dramatic works of art.

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