Has raised the reserve ratio, market funds face once again become the focus of the parties. And as an important funding pool "above" taps, "the trend of foreign exchange, undoubtedly has a pivotal role on the capital side. Analysts said that the next few months, foreign exchange is still expected to continue to maintain high market funds face will bring strong support. Foreign exchange is expected to remain high Financial data previously published by the central bank in October, the month of new foreign exchange 5190 billion yuan, the highest refresh the 30 months since. At the same time, calculated in accordance with the residual method scale of "hot money" in October to 2.4 times in September. Industrial Bank, said Lu political commissar, by exchange settlement and new rules limit the impact of foreign exchange reached in October, after the high point of the past 30 months, the inflow of hot money may be slightly slower, is expected in November, December and January next year, Monthly new foreign exchange will be about 300 billion yuan. This level, although somewhat lower than in October, but as a whole will remain at a high level. Lu political commissar, said the main reason for the sharp rise in foreign exchange continued to maintain a rapid growth of the high import and export data relationship is not large, the actual monthly foreign trade surplus and foreign exchange and disproportionate, and to promote the emergence of foreign exchange are still RMB appreciation expected. For the current foreign exchange situation, China Merchants Bank analyst Liu Junyu substantial foreign exchange since October surge in the proportion of the total foreign exchange funds can not be explained more than 50%. Which is worth noting that, from October, the data can be seen, the contribution rate of foreign exchange on the M2 has been close to the level of the new credit. As for the remaining two months during the year in foreign exchange, Liu Junyu two months of November and December, the total new foreign exchange is expected to reach 6000-900000000000 yuan.

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