Russian Quartz Stone Market

Russian stone imports are mainly quartz stones, and marble as supplemented. Travertine demand is relatively large, and the quartz stone and marble import share is respectively about 6.5:3.5. Its slate and sandstone also has a small amount of imports, mainly used for the decoration of the villa. Russian people are in favor of color preferences and they prefer the gray color, the majority of quartz stone colors are election gray, black and blue; the marble main demand colors are white, blue, and black. Moscow stone consumption is very huge, especially the consumption of imported quartz tile number accounted for almost half of the total imports, according to statistics Moscow city and Moscow State consumption of imported stone. Russian stone market can be said to be the hottest stone market for foreign trade industries, it has large market, good price, high profit potential and less competition.

Quartz Tile Market in Russia

Quartz tile market in Russia has been the bulk of the market, and its plate consumption are biased in favor of high-level stone, its main plate suppliers are China, India, Italy, Spain, Finland Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Greece and Turkey.Quartz Slabs products are mainly from Ukraine, Finland, Kazakhstan, Italy, Spain, India, China; marble products are mainly from Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Spain. Russian decorative stone market is divided into five categories and they are the big board, the specification plate, ground floor, gravestone and building stone. Specification plate tile market share is the largest, accounting for about 40 percent, followed by more than two percent of the market each large plate and tombstone, building stone and paving stones.

Russian Quartz Tile Market Specifications

Quartz tile market in Russia is mainly 2cm plate originally did not accept a 1.8cm large plate, However, due to the impact of the price advantage of the head imported tiles, many companies are also able to accept. Russia's conventional sheet specifications are 300X300mm, 305X305mm, 400X400mm, 300X600mm, 400X600mm, as well as 400X800mm, specifications less square size. Due to the climate problem, the specifications tile thickness is generally 2 cm, but the small size also use 1.5cm and 1cm and specifications will be required to do 2.5cm and 3cm. Demand for deep-processing products in Russia is quite large, both shaped stone plate, sculpting, etc., in addition to the tombstone said earlier, its fireplace, washbasins, countertops, door and window sets the demand is also very large. is a leading supplier of quartz tiles. We specialized in production of all kinds of quartz stone products, including quartz slabs, quartz tiles and quartz countertops, etc.

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