Overcapacity of Low-end Stainless Steel Sheet

The current status of stainless steel industry is, on the whole, small capacity of high-end production, excess capacity of low-end on demand with the international and domestic economic situation to weaken persistent lower funding liquidity problems, and a variety of efforts to limit capacity release factors increase. The first is the high-end capacity is small and low excess capacity problem, the low -end demand is highly elastic demand volatility with the economy and some of the factors, once the economic situation go bad, then its impact is also very impressive. But the status of stainless steel coil industry, in fact, is the basis of the industry as a whole must be SMEs account for the majority of the early stages of development, low level of integration, state-owned funds crowding out of private funds obviously causes congenital factors, so this can only be eliminated in the throes of constant development, transformation and upgrading in order to gradually solved, so the whole industry is affected by economic cycles is inevitable.

Decline Demand of Stainless Steel Sheet Export

v The overall export demand with the decline in the domestic economic situation, the international demand is not optimistic with the situation of the debt crisis in Europe and the United States and other countries, coupled with emerging economies, the national economy is also not very optimistic about a variety of anti-dumping measures, the current demand, trade barriers and other international orders due to reduced demand, it can be expected that this situation will continue for some time. And, with the slowdown of economic growth and the continuing decline of the CPI data for the fine-tuning of fiscal policy have been signs of a great, but its stable currency policy tone also shows its think tank for the coming year, inflation repeated a possibility to predict. So in the short term, large-scale release of the possibility of liquidity is not large liquidity released at the latest it comes to small and medium-sized and small stainless steel sheets enterprises must still be faced with a relatively rigid day.

Economic Crisis Limits Stainless Steel Development

Because of the importance of environmental protection, and the continuing impact of the problem of domestic coal price mechanism, or even because of the continued deterioration of the current situation in Iran and the Middle East, so the rise in oil prices next year may appear more urgent, so the next year on the one hand is to limit The high-energy-consuming measures, on the one hand, the rise in oil prices, the last is the shortage of electricity supply may still be greatly troubled stainless steel ring industry, causing considerable influence on its capacity release. Course is worth mentioning that, because of the attention for the environmental protection industry, the demand for sanitary stainless steel pipe in the future economic development will inevitably have considerable growth, the addition of nuclear power to increase investment in water conservancy investment and desalination industry progress, it is bound to bring about some structural opportunities for the stainless steel ring industry.

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