China Ceramic Tile Market Competition Status
As the rapid development of China real estate industry in recent years, closely around the property associated building walls, the ground tile market demand is huge, on the market there is nearly 3000 local production of building walls, the competition of floor tile products on the market is getting intense. Compared with other industries, the China construction market brand of glazed porcelain tile is everywhere, market concentration is very low, there is no absolute market share of a brand is more than 5%, and this has a stark contrast with the situation that home appliances, automobiles, fast moving consumer goods industry market share is highly concentrated in a few a leading brands. Most of the enterprises generally lack the scale economies, lack of leading brands to lead around the market with a strong business. This also shows that it hasnot form a stable market structure, and the market variables are very great.

China Consumption Characteristics of Ceramic Tiles
Building glazed floor tiles are the durables consumption products tightly around the property associated with the real estate. So when buyers are consuming, it shows the characteristics of a very typical immobility. That is, building tiles consumption for most people, once formed purchased and paved good, it is usually not easily for them to replace the old one with the new ones. And it is not easy to exchange master even until the housing will be renovated. Such as renovation in resale sales, relocation, marriage of sons or daughters. And that is another explosive and centralized consumer. This explosive is not demand when it is not very concerned, and has very low price sensitivity; and when there is demand then there is great extraordinary attention, and price sensitivity in the short term will be very high. And consumption is concentrated within a few days.

Factors Affecting the Ceramic Tile Consumption
According to the survey, the price and design and the design is the most important factor to consumers of the product itself. When you buy a tile, the price becomes the first sensitive factor, generally take a "living within our means" consumer attitude; design and quality purchase become the first sensitive factor in the similar premise of similar price; Meanwhile, in the case of the price difference is not very big, you will be willing to favorite color and bear part of the increased purchase cost. Other factors: 1, after determing the products demand, consumers will take the initiative to contact the relevant information and the reputation of the surrounding crowd impact will play a role. 2, When the cautious consumer brings the tile information of its own to the building material market, and after comparison, he or she will go into the state of willing to buy the product, and at this moment, the advice and suggestion by the midiation will make great difference.

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