Wide Application of Aluminum Material

Aluminum is the world's most widely used metal after steel, and aluminum is used from the aircraft to the cans. Due to the surge of Chinese demand, copper, iron ore and other commodities brought great wealth to the mining industry, and aluminum has almost entirely missed this round of "super cycle". One ton of aluminum is about 2100 U.S. dollars, almost the same time in 1980, the worst performance in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to track commodity mining class. During the same period, the price of copper rose nearly threefold, and iron ore prices have gone up eight times.

Decline of Aluminum Profiles Industry

The flourishing days of aluminum profiles manufacturer giants have gone past and the entire aluminum industry faces a series of challenges. The industry, as a whole, is to repeat the same story. The analysts and executives believe that the decline in profitability will rewrite the pattern of the aluminum industry, and forcing traditional manufacturers to cut costs or merger, and it will more highlights the trend of development of China as an aluminum industry power in the near future. Duncan Hobbes, the analyst of Macquarie research team that is responsible for metal commodities said," I will not put my pension into the aluminum industry." Aluminum is cheaper than copper, lighter than steel and malleable better than steel. From the car to the cable, many products need to use this material, which results in aluminum consumption to grow faster than the global economy.

The Rapid Growth of China's Aluminum Production

The copper and iron ore market, because of the demand in China, occurred great changes, and changes in the aluminum market is the phenomenal growth of the Chinese aluminum production. According to the statistics of the International Aluminium Institute, in 2000, only 2.8 million tons of aluminium extrusion production, the market share is relatively small; Now that China has become a decisive force in the market, and last year produced 17.8 million tons of aluminum and took 40 percent of the total world capacity. In theory, China is a barrier. Albanese wrote in 2007: "aluminum production is energy-intensive, and China is in a disadvantaged place in the electricity supply compared with competitors." What makes the Western manufacturers disturbed is that, despite the price of aluminum has been declining in the past 18 months, but China's aluminum industry hasn’t seen the slightest sign of slowing. The data from the International Aluminium Institute shows that, China's aluminum production in the first eight months of this year increased by 10.2% over the same period last year. While the rest of the world aluminum production fell 2.1%.
Extruded Aluminum Production Status

Among the many mold aluminum extrusion profile producers, the aluminum extrusion profile production costs accounted for about 35%. Whether the mold is good or bad, and whether the mold can be reasonably used and get good maintenance directly determine whether a company can properly and be qualified to produce profiles. The working conditions of the extrusion die profile extrusion production is very bad, both need to withstand the intense friction under high-temperature, high-pressure abrasive action, and also need to withstand cyclical loads. Which require the mold has a high thermal stability, thermal fatigue resistance, thermal wear resistance and has sufficient toughness. To meet the above several requirements, so far in China, many companies generally use the 4Cr5MoSiV1 alloy steel of good quality and adopt the vacuum heat treatment and quenching way to make a mold, in order to meet the requirements of die cast aluminium enclosures production.

Use Aluminum Extrusion Die Rationally

Aluminum profile cross-section is ever-changing itself, and the aluminum extrusion industry develops till today, aluminum has the important advantage of light weight, good strength, there are already many industries using aluminum instead of the original material. As part of the profile of the special lead mold the special profile cross-section, the design and production more difficult. If you're still using conventional extrusion methods, they are often difficult to reach a mold rated output, using a special process, strict control of the production process parameters to normal production. Second, select the appropriate extrusion models for production. Before extrusion production, extruded aluminum cases sectional should be fully calculated, based on the degree of the complexity of the profile cross- section, thickness, size, and extrusion coefficient λ to determine the size of the extruder Ton. The product structure is more complex and easily lead to mold locally rigid enough, the metal flow of the mold cavity is difficult to tend uniform, and is accompanied by causing local concentration of stress. When the profile is under production, it is easy to form a distorted wave, and the mold is prone to elastic deformation, but also severe plastic deformation of the die directly scrapped.

Extruded Aluminum Production Proposal

With the increasing competition in the aluminum extrusion market, forcing producers of aluminum extrusion to put enormous energy into the die procurement, use, maintenance and management, which requires companies to change their concepts, while changing the extensive production management, from the details, take good mold statistical analysis of grabbed and cost consumption management, so as to adapt to the new market situation and win a head start in the market.
Whether it is aluminum interior doors (including the insulation broken profile) or aluminum wood composite profiles window, we must note the following points in the purchase of such products:

Aluminum profile and other materials

The aluminum profile windows and doors generally include three aspects: aluminum profile, glass, metal pieces. The owners tend to pay more attention to the thickness of the aluminum and glass when purchasing products, whose requirements for the hardware are not very high, it is not comprehensive. In fact, the country has standard for aluminum windows and doors. The luminum profile used by quality aluminum profiles can generally meet the national standard in its thickness, strength and oxide film, for example, the national requirements: the aluminum profile of the aluminum alloy doors and windows should be not less than 1.2mm in wall thickness; the oxide film thickness should be up to 10 microns. While the tempered glass is better than ordinary glass. Consider the safety and durability of the doors and windows, stainless steel hardware accessories (such as screws, hinges, handles, etc.) are better than aluminum accessories, and the best choice for pulleys is POM material , because these products have higher strength and wear resistance, which is smooth and non-perishable during the using process.
v Aluminum plate door machining

With good material, the next step is the processing of the doors and windows. Aluminum windows and doors are not high technology content; the degree of mechanization is not high, so they mostly rely on the installation manual workers, which requires the operator to have a good awareness of product quality. The enhance operator proficiency and product awareness is very important in the production process. High quality aluminum windows and doors and fine processing, tangent smooth, consistent point of view (the main frame material usually is 45 degrees or 90 degrees), there should not be more obvious gap in the splicing process, good sealing performance, switching smoothly. Poor quality aluminum windows and doors, especially aluminum sheet products, there will be the problem of sealing properties if fail processing, not only air leakage leaking, but also, the glass will appear to burst off phenomenon in the case of strong winds and large external force, resulting in loss of property and even wounding phenomenon.

Appearance of aluminum sheet

When the owners buy aluminum products, they usually pay great attention to the appearance of the product as well as glass decorative patterns, but often underestimate the composite film of aluminum profiles on the surface, and this composite film is formed by the artificial oxide film coloring, which is corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, high gloss, but also has a certain fire resistant features. So we should compare similar products in the purchase of aluminum products. Glazier artistic varies from person to person, different owners choose according to their preferences.
Aluminum profile price

Because the prices of aluminum alloy profiles is directly related to the aluminum, but the price of aluminum performance is relatively stable generally in a given period. Under normal circumstances, the price of high-quality aluminum products is 30% higher than the low-grade aluminum alloy, poor quality aluminum sheet is usually extruded by aluminum which contains a lot of impurities in recycled aluminum, some aluminum wall thickness is only 0.6-0.8 mm, which is greatly below the relevant provisions of the State both from the tensile strength or yield degrees. This type of aluminum profiles, especially aluminum outdoor window is not safe, so the owners should not figure momentary cheap but underestimate the personal safety of themselves and others when you buy products.

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The Aluminium Profiles

Aluminium is a usual material that used in the building products and for building a house. Many factories often search for different aluminium profiles to compare and choose the right one. Many products are made of aluminium, the familiar aluminium window frame is also made of aluminum. These products are made of aluminum and aluminum alloy. And the aluminum alloy can be divided into two types including casting aluminum alloy and aluminum alloy .

The Development of Aluminum Products in China

As China is one of the largest aluminum producer and consumers in the world, its development seems to be good. However, because of the constraints of energy conservation, resource shortages and other factors, its development has met many problems. The actual production of the energy consumption of aluminum products equivalent to only 3% -5% of the preparation of electrolytic aluminum energy consumption, its demand for energy is more comprehensive and it gets rid of the dependence of electricity. As industrial aluminium profile is more conducive to the healthy and stable and long-term development of the aluminum market, recycled aluminum industry has great potential and advantages in terms of energy consumption saving. Because of its environmental protection, recycled aluminum attracts more and more people’s attention. 2/3 of the supply of recycled aluminum is used for the production of casting alloys, and 1/3 is used in the production of Aluminium Panels, while in the supply of virgin aluminum, 2/3 is the production of aluminum, 1/3 is the production of casting alloys. From the production process, we can see that the production of one ton of electrolytic aluminum takes 1.9 tons of alumina, 14500 degree electricity, and the two accounted for 70% of the total cost of electrolytic aluminum.

The Aluminum Products Market

Nowadays, the makert of the aluminum seems to be optimistic. The home decoration is often related to the decoration of the ceiling, especially the kitchen, bathroom, ceiling decoration are priorities. Aluminum Products have the features of low energy consumption, less pollution in the production process, as national support for the secondary aluminum industry, and the industry's advantage will be more obvious reflected. Stable development of the downstream automotive industry gives obvious support for the demand of recycled aluminum. As a result, this features can make it become popular in the market as people will buy according to different demands.
Construction Aluminum Profile Development Status

Construction aluminum profile is the building material of aluminum and aluminum products. Usually is first processed into casting products, forged products, and foil, plates, strips, tubes, rods, profiles, made by cold bending, sawing, drilling, assembling, painting, and other processes. The construction industry is one of the three major aluminum markets, about 20% of the total production of the world's aluminium profiles is used in the construction industry, in some industrial countries, and the amount of aluminum in the construction industry has accounted for more than 30% of its total production. In recent years, the architecturaluminum productsconstantly updated, the application of innovative construction products colored aluminum, composite aluminum, composite doors, window frames, and aluminum template is also growing. China has applied in industrial and civil buildings made of aluminum alloy roofing, walls, doors and windows, and gradually expanded the application both in the interior and exterior construction templates, and has achieved good results.

Features and Uses of Construction Aluminum Materials

The most important feature of aluminum and aluminum alloy, the first is its bulk density is about 1/3 of the steel, but the specific strength can meet or exceed the structural steel. Secondly, aluminum and aluminum alloy is easily processed into various shapes, able to adapt to a variety of connection process, to provide favorable conditions for building structures using the most economical and reasonable cross-section form. Therefore, the use of aluminum alloy can not only greatly reduce the weight of the building, save material, but also to reduce the transport of components, mounting workload, speed up the construction progress. In the earthquake zone and inaccessible mountainous and remote areas, its economic effect is more significant. Aluminum is widely used in industrial and civil buildings, aluminium roofing, aluminum walls, aluminum doors, aluminium window, aluminum skeleton and the interior and exterior panels, aluminum ceiling, aluminum railing, aluminum indoor furniture, aluminum store container and construction templates, and so on.

Architectural Aluminum Production Methods and Performance

The pure aluminum is low in strength, and its use is restricted. However, adding a small amount of one or more alloying elements, such as magnesium, silicon, manganese, copper, zinc, iron, chromium, titanium, etc., we can obtain the aluminum alloy of different properties. Aluminum alloy and then by cold working and heat treatment, and further strengthened and hardened, the tensile strength is greatly improved. Aluminum alloy, according to their mode of production, is divided into two categories, namely casting aluminum and wrought aluminum alloy. Generally, the architectural aluminum is usually wrought aluminum alloy for rolling into plate, foil, strip, extruded into rods, tubes or profiles of a variety of complex shapes.
Definition of Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel
Aluminum plastic composite panel is used plastic as the core layer, the two sides of it 3 layer aluminum composite plates, and in the product surface, it is covered with the protective coating or film (if not specified is generally called the coating) as the decoration face of a product. Guangzhou Guangfeng Decoration Materials Co., Ltd is China’s leading manufacturer and supplier of aluminum composite panel. For years’ development, Guangfeng has become the main exporter of aluminum plastic composite panel in China.

Overseas Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel
In foreign countries, the name of the aluminum-plastic plate is various. Some are called the Aluminum Composite board (aluminum composite panel); some are called Aluminum Composite material (Aluminum Composite Materials); in many European countries, it is called Alucobond which is from the brand name of aluminum-plastic plate. In foreign countries, enterprises that are specializing in aluminum-plastic plate manufacturing is less, but the scales of production are all very big. The famous companies have the Alusuisse Company, based in Switzerland, and American Reynolds Metal Corporation, Mitsubishi Japan, DA MING CO. of South Korea, JI XIANG of Taiwan and so on.

Performance of Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel
First, material is processed easily. The weight of every square meter of aluminum composite panel is only in 3.5-about 5.5 kilograms, so it can reduce the damage caused by the earthquake, and easy to handle, its superior construction performance can just use simple carpentry tool to complete cutting, dig edge, bent into all kinds of plastic arc, right angle, and can cooperate with the design personnel to make all sorts of change, installation is simple, fast and reduce the construction cost. Second, has excellent fire-proofing performance. In the middle of the aluminum plastic composite panel is the flame retardant material PE plastic core material, two sides of it is the aluminum layers which is difficult to burn. Therefore, it is a safe and fire prevention material, consistent with the building regulations of refractory need.

Usage of Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel
Generally, the aluminum plastic composite panel is widely used for the decoration of building’s exterior walls and curtain wall; exterior wall modification and renovation of old buildings; balcony, equipment units, and interior partitions; panel, sign board, display racks; interior decorative panels, ceilings, advertising signs; industrial materials, cold car body and so on.

Characteristics of Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel
It has features of good weather resistance, high strength, easy maintenance; convenient construction, short construction period; fine machining processing, off heat performance, soundproofing and excellent fireproofing performance; good plasticity, excellent impact property, can reduce the building load, good shockproof performance; optional colors for your preference. Looking some good quality and competitive price aluminum composite panel? Welcome to http://pannel.aluminum-machine.com/aluminum-composite-panel/basics-of-aluminum-plastic-composite-panel.htm , you will surely get what you want here!

Characteristics and Uses of Aluminum ProfileThe most important feature of aluminum and aluminum alloy profile is, the first of, its bulk density is about 1/3 of the steel, as for the specific strength, it can meet or exceed the structural steel. Secondly, aluminum and aluminum alloy profile can be easily processed into various shapes, be able to adapt to a variety of connection processes, so as to provide the most economical and reasonable cross-section form and favorable conditions for building structures. Therefore, the use of aluminum alloy can not only greatly reduce the weight of the building, save materials, but also to reduce the transport of components, mounting workload and speed up the construction progress. Its economic effect is more significant for the earthquake zone and inaccessible mountainous and remote areas. Aluminum and aluminium profiles have colorful appearance, good corrosion resistance, high reflectivity for light and heat, acoustic performance, and a variety of colors can be obtained by chemical and electrochemical methods. So aluminum is widely used in industrial and civil buildings for roofing, walls, doors, windows, skeleton, both interior and exterior panels, ceiling, railing, indoor furniture, store container and construction templates, and so on.

Aluminum Building Materials
The construction industry is one of the three major markets of the aluminum material used in the construction industry, and about 20% of the total production of the world’s aluminum is used in the construction industry. In some industrial countries, the amount of aluminum used in the building industry has accounted for more than 30% of its total production. In recent years, the architectural aluminum products constantly updated, the application of innovative construction products colored aluminum, composite aluminum, composite doors, window frames andaluminium sheet is also growing. China has applied in industrial and civil buildings to make aluminum alloy roofing, walls, doors and windows, and gradually expand to both interior and exterior construction decoration, and has achieved good results.

Outlook of Aluminum IndustryWith the extension and expansion of the use of aluminum products, aluminum deep-processing products have very broad market prospects. Coupled with the existing mature technology, production of aluminum and aluminum products deep-processing investment risk is smaller. Aluminum strip is an important material for light industry, transportation, telecommunications, and printing, it is widely used in the field of construction and installation, transport, video equipment, textile machinery and electrical equipment, the annual consumption growth rate is about 10%. At present, the comprehensive aluminum capacity of China is about 130 million tons, the annual consumption is 150 million tons. The annual net import is more than 250,000 tons. So it has a very broad market prospect.