Definition of Aluminum

Aluminum includes 728 Aluminum, 768 Aluminum, and 868 Aluminum. They are just the codes for the specification of Aluminum without any professional definition. But there are many differences from the specifications in the material thickness, the width between the orbital frame, design, and application. In thickness, diamond window of the future is 1.2mm thick, of which 728, 768 are 1mm thick. All these kinds of Aluminum can be processed in Surface Treatment. Of course, the Aluminum supplier should pay more attention to the same material, thickness of greater intensity is higher, but this not mean that home decoration must use 1.2 thick aluminum, according to the company renovation experience, 1mm thick aluminum is also capable of high building balcony needs.

The Aluminum Window

If we want to decorate our house to become elegant, maybe we should choose the aluminium window. We should use the to mix tempered glass, figured glass, frosted glass, coated glass, low-e glass, tinted glass etc.. It has the functions of wind pressure resistance, airproof capability, waterproof capability, heat preserving capability, soundproof capability. And we can also choose its surface with powder coating, electrophoresis, anodize, wood grain and PVDF and it is sliding smoothly, in elegant style and profile.

Characteristics and Use of Aluminum

The most obvious characteristic of Aluminum and Aluminum alloys is above its bulk density of about 1/3 steel, rather than strength can be reached or exceeded the structural steel. Secondly, aluminum and aluminum alloy is easy to be processed into various shapes, can adapt to all kinds of connection technology, so it can provide the most economic and reasonable section form with favorable conditions for building structure. They resist aging, their intensity is high and coefficient of expansion is close to Aluminum in the right temperature. Both of heat insulation and sound insulation are excellent. When the adiabatic profile combined along with insulated glass to be assembled as a window, the difference in temperature between indoor and outdoor is up to 10-120 Celsius degree. It is also with excellent air sealing and high performance of anti-water leakage. The volume of sound insulation is up to 30-40db. It can be produced with two different colors and lines for the connection of profile to show personality. The color of aluminum and aluminum alloy is beautiful with good corrosion resistance, and they have light and heat on the high reflectivity, good sound absorption performance, through chemical and electrochemical methods can obtain different colors. So the aluminum material is widely used in industrial and civil building roof, walls, doors and windows, framework, internal and external decorative plates, ceilings.

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