In order to further strengthen the guidance of the energy-saving design of public buildings in Beijing, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning Organization public building energy efficiency design standards were revised. Have now and the Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision jointly issued since July 1, 2010.
different energy consumption characteristics of different types of buildings, energy saving design focus is also different. Ordinary public buildings and large public building energy design focus is not only on the thermal insulation of the building envelope, including complex energy and equipment systems, such as power-hungry link. The standard increase in the revision of judgment weigh the thermal performance of the building envelope, the contents of strengthening the heating and air conditioning systems, to energy-saving design of the drainage system and electrical system requirements. The new chapter includes the design of energy-saving building water supply and drainage and electrical energy-saving design. This standard is also accompanied by a number of energy-saving design to determine the file format, an example of the typical structure of the energy-saving building envelope and computed the content. This standard applies to the new Beijing area, the expansion and renovation of the public building energy-saving design.

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