Definition of Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel
Aluminum plastic composite panel is used plastic as the core layer, the two sides of it 3 layer aluminum composite plates, and in the product surface, it is covered with the protective coating or film (if not specified is generally called the coating) as the decoration face of a product. Guangzhou Guangfeng Decoration Materials Co., Ltd is China’s leading manufacturer and supplier of aluminum composite panel. For years’ development, Guangfeng has become the main exporter of aluminum plastic composite panel in China.

Overseas Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel
In foreign countries, the name of the aluminum-plastic plate is various. Some are called the Aluminum Composite board (aluminum composite panel); some are called Aluminum Composite material (Aluminum Composite Materials); in many European countries, it is called Alucobond which is from the brand name of aluminum-plastic plate. In foreign countries, enterprises that are specializing in aluminum-plastic plate manufacturing is less, but the scales of production are all very big. The famous companies have the Alusuisse Company, based in Switzerland, and American Reynolds Metal Corporation, Mitsubishi Japan, DA MING CO. of South Korea, JI XIANG of Taiwan and so on.

Performance of Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel
First, material is processed easily. The weight of every square meter of aluminum composite panel is only in 3.5-about 5.5 kilograms, so it can reduce the damage caused by the earthquake, and easy to handle, its superior construction performance can just use simple carpentry tool to complete cutting, dig edge, bent into all kinds of plastic arc, right angle, and can cooperate with the design personnel to make all sorts of change, installation is simple, fast and reduce the construction cost. Second, has excellent fire-proofing performance. In the middle of the aluminum plastic composite panel is the flame retardant material PE plastic core material, two sides of it is the aluminum layers which is difficult to burn. Therefore, it is a safe and fire prevention material, consistent with the building regulations of refractory need.

Usage of Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel
Generally, the aluminum plastic composite panel is widely used for the decoration of building’s exterior walls and curtain wall; exterior wall modification and renovation of old buildings; balcony, equipment units, and interior partitions; panel, sign board, display racks; interior decorative panels, ceilings, advertising signs; industrial materials, cold car body and so on.

Characteristics of Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel
It has features of good weather resistance, high strength, easy maintenance; convenient construction, short construction period; fine machining processing, off heat performance, soundproofing and excellent fireproofing performance; good plasticity, excellent impact property, can reduce the building load, good shockproof performance; optional colors for your preference. Looking some good quality and competitive price aluminum composite panel? Welcome to , you will surely get what you want here!

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