Current Situation of Wooden Door Industry

China's wood industry is facing with the challenges from external factors, such as rising raw material prices, labor and shop rents continued to rise, increasing transportation, and the internal factors: vicious competition within the industry, the increasing homogenization, management and development of a single model also have plagued the wood door, industry.

Problems of China Wood Industry

China's wood industry is dominated by small to medium-sized enterprises, most of the door enterprises have been established for a relatively short time, there are still gaps between the doors of corporate management levels, some parts of the doors corporate plant and equipment are backward, and management is not advanced too. Industry lacks of management talent, and wooden doors manufacturing industrialization lags behind. Many brands of steel wood door have been rising, the competition in wooden materials market becomes fierce, the doors is the resource products, it cannot be separated from raw materials such as logs, billets, veneer and with the strengthening of international oversight investigation, the accelerating of forest certification and the shortage of raw materials will not get improvement in short-term blanks, veneer and other raw material prices have risen last year, profit margins has been squeezed. Though the competition between brands is brutal, in fact, for the doors businesses with cultural heritage and bright spots, it is not difficult to come to the market of high-end. But the situation is not optimistic, the homogenization of the product, lack of differentiation, constantly new companies entered the war, the continuous price cuts result in the expense of quality.

Methods to Win in the Competition of Wood Door Industry

First, strengthen the management of distribution channels: The distribution channels plays an important role in the current market circumstances. Affected by the financial situation, the dealer faces fewer orders, inventories, capital circulation and other issues. Companies only strengthen the management on the dealer to motivate its sales enthusiasm, and enhance their confidence in the enterprise. Improving dealer enthusiasm and initiative is the focus of the current work of the doors businesses. Second, e-commerce channel construction: With consumer demand entering into a personalized and reasonable age, mass-market is segmented, the market is in re-differentiation combination. The monopoly of the traditional sales model is gradually being broken, and e-commerce has been gradually recognized by consumers. Door Company has to try emerging marketing channels, such as e-commerce, but because these emerging marketing channels are in the course of the operation, there are many uncontrollable factors, so companies must not blind all their energy for new channels.
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