The Detailed Extruded Aluminium Profiles

Aluminum door and window installation construction content includes: aluminum alloy doors, window approach, check the level line, draw a vertical line, and the line, window frames, counterpoint, cleaning hole. Oblique wedge fixed frame, correction, nailing fixed iron feet, check. Mortar or concrete sealing is in thin iron feet. Iron feet mortar will follow after drying, removal of wedge, powder outdoor entrance. Note playing foaming agent, outdoor play first degree silicone. Then window frame sealing mortar, rubbing, and collecting of extruded aluminium profiles. Door and window frame inside play second degree silicone, outdoor play. After installation, the connecting piece, a foaming agent for concealing acceptance. The doors and windows of the vertical diagonal of actual measurement, the installing quality meets the requirements. In the aluminum alloy doors and windows installation, generally follow the following procedures and acceptance.

Before Installation

Before installing the door and window installation acceptance, door and window frames, door frames, acceptance of expansion agent, outdoor first degree silicone, expansion agent, silica gel, acceptance, acceptance, the construction paint the painting, silica gel, silica gel, hit acceptance of doors and windows, doors and windows installed overall acceptance, water pouring test. Doors and windows installed, but also for the spray test, to test the leakage conditions of doors and windows.

Auminium Window Sections Construction

Construction preparation, technical preparation, construction drawings, on the basis of the construction technology and safety tests for the preparation of each respect. Requirements for materials, aluminum alloy doors and windows of the specifications, models should comply with the design requirements, hardware accessories complete, and has a certificate, material inspection report and affix seal manufacturers. Anticorrosion material, filling material, sealing material, anti-rust paint, cement, sand, connecting plate shall comply with the design requirements and the requirements of relevant standards, before the approach to aluminum alloy doors and windows for receiving inspection, unqualified person are not allowed to enter. Transported to the site of the auminium window sections and windows should be models, specifications of neatly stacked, and stored in the warehouse. The current widely used aluminum alloy doors and windows profiles: series of sliding window; series of sliding window and the same series of casement window. Operating conditions, the main structure of the relevant quality departments acceptance. Types of handover procedures between, check windows and doors opening size and elevation design requirements are met. With the embedded part of door window should also check the number of embedded parts, position and embedding method meets the design requirements. According to the drawing requirements size play good windows and doors midline, and plays good indoor +50cm horizontal line. Inspection of aluminum alloy doors and windows, such as splitting shuttle channeling angular, exceeding the standard deviation, surface damage, deformation and looseness, the appearance of color difference big, the people concerned should be resolved through consultation, after processing, after passing the acceptance to install.

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